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Please be sure to review the general FAQs for all student types below as well. This section only contains information specific to UCLA students. 

Are there any fee changes for UCLA students?

There are no changes to fees. All applicable fees including referenda, IEI, and document fees, as well as per-unit fees ($279 for UC undergraduate students and $349 for UC graduate students) will be assessed. 

Does the deadline extension for changing the grading basis apply to 2021 Summer Sessions? 

Yes. Students will be allowed to change grading basis on an optionally graded course via MyUCLA without a petition through Friday of the penultimate week of instruction (e.g., Week 2 for a 3-week session, Week 5 for a 6-week session). Please contact your department or academic counseling unit for questions regarding whether grades of P or Passed can count towards your graduation requirements.

Which courses are offered in-person? 

A limited number of courses including in-person activities on campus are currently available. Please review the list and search for the course that may be of interest to you on the Schedule of Courses for details. 

Is there a special protocol that applies to me if I'm enrolled in a course that meets on campus at all? 

Yes. Those who are working, learning, or living on UCLA property are still required to participate in weekly COVID-19 testing unless they are fully vaccinated. If you are enrolled in at least one course that meets on campus, the UCLA COVID-19 Community Screening Protocol may apply to you. 

If you are unvaccinated or have not provided proof of vaccination, please be sure to complete your weekly testing requirement during your on-site course(s) as follows:

Once a week during instruction (3 times total for 3-week courses, 6 times total for 6-week courses, etc.), self-administer a new saliva-based test. 

  • Between Monday, June 21 and Friday, July 9, go to a testing site either at Collins Court or Switzer Plaza
  • Starting July 12, test via one of no-charge vending machines using your BruinCard. Alternatively, go to 300 Bradley Hall if you need assistance or accommodation for testing OR you do not have a BruinCard. For vending machine locations and further details, visit the Ashe Center website.    
  • If you are unvaccinated, you must wear a face covering indoors. Individuals who have been instructed not to wear a face covering due to a medical exemption are advised to contact the UCLA Center for Accessible Education (CAE) to request a reasonable accommodation.

If you are fully vaccinated, meaning you have received your second or final dose of an FDA/WHO EUL-approved COVID-19 vaccine 14 or more days ago, and wish to opt out: 

  • Between Monday, June 21 and Friday, July 9, bring proof of vaccination and your BruinCard ID to a testing site, either at Collins Court or Switzer Plaza.
  • Starting July 12, bring proof of vaccination and your BruinCard ID to 300 Bradley Hall. 

Your vaccination record will not be stored and personal health information will not be recorded. Please note that you may continue to voluntarily test after opting out, if you choose, even though it will no longer be required. 

Regardless of your vaccination status, if you develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please contact your medical provider prior to visiting a test site and do not attend in-person classes on campus. 

For questions about the testing requirement or testing, please refer to the COVID-19 Community Screening FAQs. For additional questions, contact UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center at  

Where can I find resources for remote learning? 

UCLA Student Affairs has compiled a comprehensive Guide for Graduate and Undergraduate Students; this guide includes resources specific to Remote Learning & Teaching to best help the UCLA community navigate the student experience during the pandemic.

Will Summer Sessions' transition to remote instruction affect my financial aid? 

The transition to remote instruction will not affect the type of financial aid you may be eligible for*. Students will be granted aid based on the number of units they enroll in and other eligibility factors. You can visit the Summer Information Section of the Financial Aid & Scholarships website, where you can also learn about the summer aid application, types of financial aid, deadlines, and how to calculate your potential aid.

*Students graduating in or before Spring 2021 are not eligible for summer financial aid. If you plan to graduate this summer or later, please be sure to verify and update your Degree Candidacy Term on MyUCLA.

Are UCLA summer housing options still available? 

UCLA Housing will operate this summer only at reduced levels; additional information is available on UCLA Housing’s COVID-19 information page.

How about other campus services? Will they remain open? 

While only essential services remain open on the UCLA campus, most student services are available online; by contacting offices and departments by e-mail; or through the MyUCLA Message Center. Students should consult individual office and department websites for information about available services and business hours. If you need assistance from Summer Sessions, please contact us at or visit us during our zoom drop-in hours. See Contact Us for details.

What options do I have if my laptop/device is not compatible for class? 

Submit a message using the MyUCLA Student Support COVID 19 Message Center topic.

What options do I have if I don't have a laptop/desktop? 

UCLA students who are enrolled in Summer Sessions can borrow equipment from the Library. Please submit a Student Equipment Request Form in time for your summer courses. If you already have a device from the Library, enrollment in Summer Sessions is eligible for a return deadline extension. 

Other UC Students


Please be sure to review the general FAQs for all student types below as well. This section only contains information that is specific to UC students. 

Will UCLA Summer Sessions' transition to remote instruction affect my financial aid? 

Please check with your home UC campus financial aid office.  

Non-UC Students


Please be sure to review the general FAQs below as well. This section only contains information that is specific to non-UC, visiting summer students. 

Can I still visit the UCLA campus during the summer?

The campus is currently closed to the general public. To explore our campus online, please take a virtual tour instead. 

Will I be dropped from my courses if I don’t pay right away? 

If you are unsure about your summer plans, you can hold off finalizing your decision and making payments until the applicable payment deadline. Credit card transaction fees at 2.75% per transaction are assessed by a third-party service provider, and they are not refundable by us under any circumstances. 

Will international students be subject to additional requirements in Summer 2021?

Given UCLA's decision to extend remote instruction through Summer Sessions, you will participate virtually in UCLA Summer Sessions without traveling to UCLA. 

As such, you will not be charged any international student related-fees (e.g., the $450 service fee, iSTART, and health insurance fees). Instead, you will be assessed the same fees as U.S. visiting summer students.

I-20 related requirements, including continuous full-time enrollment, proof of English proficiency, and the confidential financial statement, no longer apply to international summer students, and you are NOT required to submit any documentation. Please note that while proof of English proficiency is not required for your participation this summer, a high level of English proficiency is critical for your successful participation in UCLA Summer Sessions.


What does remote instruction for Summer Sessions mean?

Classes will meet online, using applications like Zoom and other instructor-identified tools. On the schedule of classes, remote classes will display Online as the meeting location.

Online Defined (as used in the Schedule of Classes)
  • Online: Classes are held at scheduled times, with faculty delivering course content using remote communication tools, and students in attendance using those tools.
  • Online - Recorded: Classes are held at scheduled times, with faculty delivering course content using remote communication tools, and students in attendance using those tools. Faculty record and make available those scheduled activities for subsequent use by students. However, students should be aware that faculty may still request their participation during scheduled meeting times.
  • Online - Asynchronous: With the exception of office hours or review sections, there are no pre-scheduled sessions for these classes. Lectures and all class content are available online.


A limited number of in-person or hybrid courses may be offered. Such courses will be limited to UCLA students only. Please pay attention to course meeting locations and class notes to see whether the course includes any in-person meetings. 

Concerning safely protocols for courses with in-person meetings, recommended infection control procedures are in place on campus, consistent with guidance from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. These include physical distancing, de-densifying classrooms and other spaces, frequent cleaning of classrooms and facilities, and requiring face coverings while on campus.


What are materials fees? Which courses assess materials fees?

Fees may be charged for materials used in laboratory, studio, and other courses. A per-class materials fee is assessed based on enrollment regardless of UCLA student status or majors. Below is a list of courses that assess materials fees in Summer 2021:

  • MAT SCI 104: Science of Engineering Materials - $20
  • LIFESCI 23L: Introduction to Laboratory and Scientific Methodology - $15
  • PHYSCI 153: Dissection Anatomy - $45

How can I get more details on my Summer Sessions courses, such as information on grading policy, finals, office hours, etc.?

Please log into your course website first to access your course syllabus or contact your instructor if the syllabus is not yet available. You may also contact the home academic department. Please refer to the department information by selecting your subject area on the UCLA Curricula and Courses page

Do I need a special equipment to participate remotely?

You will need a laptop or desktop with a working webcam and microphone and a reliable internet connection (good enough for Netflix, for example). 

Please be sure to refer to your course website or consult with your instructor about what sort of equipment and software will be needed for your course.

What kind of software tools are commonly used?

You can learn about the most common applications, such as Zoom, at

NOTE: If you are a non-UC visiting summer student, please note that you do not need to have a paid Zoom account to participate. 

How is my privacy protected? Can I participate without video?

All faculty, staff, and students must follow the privacy principles. Please review the information on privacy during remote instruction, such as tips for privacy protections, online exams and proctoring, or audio or video recording. 

Instructors may determine that video participation is essential to responsibly providing an excellent education. At the same time, UCLA recognizes that students’ personal circumstances may lead to a strong preference otherwise, and is committed to balancing these needs and expectations. If video participation is strongly recommended for any of your enrolled courses and you wish to participate without video, please notify the instructor in advance.

How can I prepare for remote learning?

6 ways to optimize remote learning

Learning in a remote setting has some different challenges from learning in person. Here are some tips to help you plan for your remote learning experience:

  • Time management is especially important when you are in a different setting than you’re used to. If your program has recorded (asynchronous) materials, you may put them off, thinking that you can always work on them later.
    • Setting a schedule for yourself can be very helpful, including not only your academic work, but times for other healthy activities like connecting with others and exercising.
  • If possible, it’s useful to create a dedicated space for “classwork.”
    • This space should include a chair, table or desk, and good lighting with as few distractions as possible.
  • When you are in a remote class, whether it is live (synchronous) or recorded (asynchronous), you may be particularly prone to distractions.
    • It is a good practice to turn off notifications.
    • Refrain from social media use during academic time periods.
  • Practice active learning.
    • Ask questions.
    • Discuss topics.
    • Put forward predictions and surmises.
    • Explain ideas to peers and to the instructor.
    • Take lots of notes, and notes on your notes.
  • Stay connected with others.
    • Form study groups, even if the coursework doesn’t call for them.
    • Share notes.
    • Compose shared goals for the working group.

Online Tools and Extensions to Maximize Remote Learning

Will my transcript indicate that I took courses online?

UCLA transcripts do not indicate course delivery modes. Courses appear the same regardless of whether they are delivered in person or online. 

How can I get course materials from the UCLA store?

Students who choose to buy textbooks and course materials from the UCLA Store may purchase items online or in-store. See the store textbooks FAQ for details. Students can also log in to MyUCLA to shop for course materials.

UCLA Summer Sessions 2021 will be remote. Learn More.