Traditional Animation Summer Institute



Participants of the Traditional Animation Track will receive UCLA credit for the following courses:

  • Film and Television - 101A Symposium (1 unit)
  • Film and Television 178 - Film and Television Laboratory (2 units)
  • Film and Television 180A - Animation Fundamentals (5 units)
  • Film and Television 180B - Writing for Animation (4 units)

In this six-week long track college students and aspiring animators learn to write and draw their animated movies. No drawing experience required, just limitless imagination.



NOTE: All course meeting times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). The program schedule is subject to change.


Please have the following supplies for your Summer Institute:

  • You will need a computer with the following:
  1. Wacom Intuos Creative Pen Tablet (Small, Black)
  2. Logitech M100 Mouse
  3. Microphone (built-in to your computer or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth) o webcam (one which is built-in to your computer or one that connects to your computer via USB).
  4. Minimum 500GB Storage Capacity
  5. Internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down).

  6. Students will need access to an Adobe Creative Cloud all apps license. UCLA will provide free temporary access to the necessary CC product license(s) for students that do not already have an existing subscription. All enrolled students will receive additional details closer to the start date of the program.

  7. Additional supplies:
  • Sketchbook – at least 6 x 8 inches
  • Printer paper (10 sheets)

  • Pens – any type the student is comfortable drawing with or interested in experimenting with. (Ballpoint, ink, watercolor, sharpie, india ink, etc.)

  • Pencils – no. 2 or any other type (graphite, charcoal, watercolor, etc.)

  • Erasers – (optional) rubber eraser

Faculty and Instructors

Faculty and Instructors

Doug Ward: FTV 180A

Doug Ward has been an academic administrator and lecturer at the UCLA Animation Workshop since 1997. He is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the M.F.A. graduate animation program, which includes teaching, financial oversight, research and public outreach.

Since its inception, Doug has taught a six-week, intro to animation class for college and high school students for the UCLA Film & Television Traditional Animation Summer Institute. He has also taught animation at Loyola Marymount University.

Prior to UCLA, Doug worked as a character layout artist and animation timer for Fox’s King of the Hill. He also spent six years in the interactive industry, as an animator, director, writer and producer. His credits include The Wacky World of Miniature Golf, a compact disc interactive game he created, co-wrote, directed, and animated for Phillips Electronics, narrated by Eugene Levy. He has won numerous awards for his independent animated films and received an Emmy certificate from the Television Academy for his work on The Simpsons. Doug's original series, The Barry Bird Show, can be seen on YouTube and at:

Maggie Malone: FTV 101A

Malone recently moved over to Illumination Entertainment as Executive Producer, after having served as the Head of Creative Affairs and part of the studio leadership team at the Walt Disney Animation Studios for thirteen years. There, she worked on the Academy award-winning films of ZootopiaFrozen, and Big Hero 6, as well as MoanaWreck-It RalphTangledWinnie the PoohThe Princess and the FrogMeet the RobinsonsWreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the InternetFrozen 2, and the Tinker Bell films of the DisneyToons Studio division. As Director of Development for Gary Ross’s company at Universal, Maggie worked on The Tale of Despereaux and conducted script research for Seabiscuit. Maggie holds a BA from Yale and an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA’s school of Theater, Film and Television. She also has a background in television production and development, and began her career in off-Broadway theater at the Manhattan Theatre Club. She is the co-author of The Art of Moana and The Art of Wreck-It Ralph. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who is a television, feature, and theater director.

Alexandra Rosenberg: FTV 101A

Alexandra Rosenberg is a Production Supervisor working in the field of Animation. She has been in the industry for 8+ years and has experience working in animation for both film and television. Currently Ms. Rosenberg is a Script and Recording supervisor for Illumination Entertainment. She has previously worked in production for Walt Disney Animation Studios and development for Walt Disney Television Animation. Ms. Rosenberg is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College with a BA in Cinema Studies and UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Television with an MFA in Producing.



As a participant, you are expected to complete all assigned coursework, take all examinations, attend class regularly, and submit all required work by the end of the program. No part of the coursework may be continued beyond the close of the program unless prearranged by the student and the faculty.

The program instructor is required to assign a final grade for each student enrolled in a course. Grades A, B, C, and D may be modified by a plus or minus suffix. In addition, the following grades are used to report the quality of student work at UCLA:

F Fail
I Incomplete
DR Deferred Report
P Passed (achievement at grade C level or better; used only for undergraduate study)
NP Not Passed (used only for undergraduate study)
S Satisfactory (achievement at grade B level or better; used only for graduate study)
U Unsatisfactory (used only for graduate study)


Calculating Grade Point Average

Grade points per unit are assigned by the Registrar as follows:

A+ 4.0 B+ 3.3 C+ 2.3 D+ 1.3 F 0.0
A 4.0 B 3.0 C 2.0 D 1.0 NP 0.0
A- 3.7 B- 2.7 C- 1.7 D- 0.7 U 0.0

The grade-point average is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of units attempted. For example, if you earn a B- in a 4-unit course and an A in a 5 unit course, your GPA would be 30.8 (2.7 x 4 units + 4 x 5 units) divided by 9 (total number of units taken). i.e., 3.42.

Note: DR, I, and NR are disregarded in determining the grade-point average. NR indicates that no grade was received from the instructor.

Transferring Credit

UCLA is on the quarter system. While some schools are also on the quarter system, most colleges and universities are on the semester system. As a general guide to transferring quarter units to a semester system school, one semester unit or credit is worth 1.5 quarter units (e.g., 4 quarter units = 2.5 semester units).

UCLA courses are generally accepted for transfer credit, but all decisions on transferability rest with the home institution. Students should get advance approval of their UCLA Summer Sessions course selections from the home institution prior to registration.

Grading Basis

Some Summer Institute courses offer P/NP grading as an option. If eligible, you may contact the UCLA Summer Sessions Office ( and request to change the grading option from letter grade to pass/no pass (or satisfactory/unsatisfactory, if you have a bachelor’s degree) prior to the program start.

Courses taken on a P/NP or S/U basis might not count toward graduation requirements. Please be sure to consult your school if you are considering this grading option.

For more information on grades, see the UCLA General Catalog.


The transcript is a permanent record that reflects all undergraduate and graduate work completed at UCLA. It lists courses, units, grades, cumulative grade-point average, transfer credits, total units, and work in progress in chronological order.

Ordering a transcript can be done online through MyUCLA. Those requiring expedited or special delivery can submit a Transcript Request Form.

Requests are not processed if students have outstanding financial, academic, or administrative obligations to the University.

NOTE: Current or newly admitted UCLA students will have their grades appear on their UCLA transcript immediately after grades are submitted by the course instructor. Current or newly admitted visiting UC students will have their grades appear on their home UC campus's transcript in October or November.







Program Dates

JUNE 21 - JULY 30, 2021

Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MAY 1: Payment due in full

JUNE 15: Refund Deadline - Refund Deadline for Summer Institutes

JUNE 21 - JULY 30: Traditional Animation Summer Institute

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