This guide is intended to assist instructors teaching individual courses during the summer, containing information on 2021 summer session dates, grade

submission deadlines, enrollment policies, and instructor consent, among others.

While participating students are informed of summer policies and deadlines concerning their enrolled courses, they may come to you for guidance or approval.

Please take the time to review this guide. Summer Sessions course enrollment policies and deadlines are comparable to those during the academic year in principle, but

details may vary. If you have any questions about this guide, you can reach us at .

IMPORTANT NOTE: Information included in this guide may not apply to Summer Institutes, Travel Study, or Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs.

SUmmer sessions dates

Session dates include 6-10 week sessions, as well as 3-week sessions for Summer Intensive Studies (SIS). Certain deadlines may vary by session. Please review the session dates and deadlines below.

NOTE: Following UC President Michael Drake’s and Chancellor Gene D. Block and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Emily Carter’s announcement, all Summer Sessions classes are to be canceled on Monday, June 28 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday, which is to allow time for reflection and celebration of the end of slavery in our nation. Instructors may decide, at their discretion, to offer supplemental materials and recordings that students can access asynchronously, schedule additional office hours, or provide make-up class meetings. When scheduling make-up class meetings, we ask that recordings be made available to students who can’t participate due to time conflicts.

Non-UC Students: May 14 | Current UC Students: June 18

If enrolled after June 18, payment for Session A & B courses is due immediately upon enrollment; payment for Session C & D courses is due by July 30. 


Session A
Session A3 (3 Week -SIS): June 21 - July 9
Session A6 (6-Week): June 21 – July 30
Session A8 (8-Week): June 21 – August 13
Session A9 (9-Week): June 21 – August 20
Session A10 (10-Week): June 21 – August 27

Session B
Session B3 (3-Week -SIS): July 12 - July 30

Session C
Session C3 (3-Week -SIS): August 2 - August 20
Session C6 (6-Week): August 2 – September 10

Session D
Session D3 (3 Week -SIS): August 23 - September 10


Session A Deadlines
Session A3 (3-Week SIS): July 2 
Session A6 (6-Week): July 23 
Session A8 (8-Week): July 30 
Session A9 (9-Week): August 6 
Session A10 (10-Week): August 13 

Session B Deadline
Session B3 (3-Week SIS): July 23 

Session C Deadlines
Session C3 (3-Week SIS): August 13 
Session C6 (6-Week): August 27  

*After the MyUCLA deadline, students may drop the course until the last day of the session via a Student Update Form if the final exam/paper/project has not been attempted or submitted.


Students may change course grading basis on MyUCLA, if applicable, until 1 week prior to the last day of instruction.


Instructors must submit grades no later than 10 days after the last day of finals for fall, winter, and spring terms, and no later than 10 days after the last day of any given summer session. For Summer Institutes, the grading deadline is approximately 10 days after the end of the Institute; please check Gradebook for exact deadline.  

Session A
Session A3 (3-Week -SIS): July 10 - July 19
Session A6 (6-Week): July 31- August 9
Session A8 (8-Week): August 14 - August 23
Session A9 (9-Week): August 21 - August 30
Session A10 (10-Week): August 28 - September 6

Session B
Session B3 (3-Week -SIS): July 31- August 9

Session C
Session C3 (3-Week -SIS): August 21- August 30
Session C6 (6-Week): September 11 - September 20

Session D
Session D3 (3-Week -SIS): September 11- September 20

UCLA Summer Sessions 2021 will be remote. Learn More.