To apply for Summer Scholars Support, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • You must be registered and attending a high school in the state of California;
  • You have not received any Summer Scholars Support in the past;
  • You will be a continuing high school student in Fall 2018 (seniors graduating in 2018 are not eligible);
  • You must have a family annual adjusted gross income of $115,000 or less; and
  • You must be enrolled in 2018 UCLA Summer Sessions, either an academic course or an eligible Precollege Summer Institute.


Summer Scholars Support will be awarded based on academic ability and financial need. Financial need is determined by a household adjusted gross income of $115,000 annually or less.

Priority consideration will be given to those who have not had any comparable experience.

Awards vary and will cover a portion or all summer fees for a single academic course up to 5 units or for a single Summer Institute. Awards are not intended to cover travel costs, and may not cover textbooks, or other course materials.

This year $100,000 is available to support selected high school students. About 40-50 partial or full scholarships will be awarded. The final award amount will reflect the summer fees of the eligible Summer Institute or the academic course the applicant is enrolled.


Summer Institutes: Students who are awarded a scholarship to attend a Summer Institute but are unable to attend, must notify the Summer Sessions Office in writing (by e-mail, fax, or mail) by 5:00 PM (PDT), June 15. If proper notice is given, full-scholarship students will not be responsible for program fees or other associated fees. Students awarded a partial scholarship may still be liable for the $150 registration fee. Students who begin the program but subsequently leave for any reason before completion will receive a failing grade for the course on their academic transcript, and will be required to repay the awarded scholarship and other associated costs to UCLA.

Academic Courses: Students who are awarded a scholarship to enroll in a college-level course, but are unable to attend, must notify the Summer Sessions Office in writing (by e-mail, fax, or mail) prior to commencement of the course. If proper notice is given, full-scholarship students will not be responsible for the course fee or other associated fees. Students awarded a partial scholarship may still be liable for the $150 registration fee. If a student begins the class but subsequently leaves for any reason before completion, the student will be charged for the course according to the regular refund schedule associated with UCLA Summer Sessions courses. (Please note that students who plan to drop a course should never take, or attempt to take, a final examination).


  1. Register for an academic course or an eligible Precollege Summer Institute.
  2. Complete registration by paying the non-refundable deposit ($150) or apply for Deferred Deposit. Note: Some Precollege Summer Institutes require instructor consent.
  3. Complete the Summer Scholars Support Online Application available February 15 through 4PM, April 1.
  4. Mail all supplemental documents before the deadline, due no later than 4PM, April 2.
Application is not complete until both the online form and all supporting materials are received.

Summer Scholars Support Application Checklist Summer Scholars Support Online Application


Please be prepared to answer the following on the Summer Scholars Online Form:

  • In 300 - 500 words, describe how your program choice relates to your personal and educational background and how you feel it will enhance and contribute to your academic plans for the future (required).
  • In no more than 500 words, please tell us about your past and/or current extracurricular experiences, e.g., clubs, sports, volunteer work (optional).
  • If there is any additional information that you have not had the opportunity to share, including financial hardships or obstacles that have impacted you, please do so in no more than 500 words (optional).


The following supplemental documents must be received by the UCLA Summer Sessions Office no later than 4PM, April 2:

  1. An official copy of your most recent High School Transcript
  2. A recent copy of W2s and 2017 Federal Income Tax Form (1040) of your parent/s or legal guardian/s
  3. Recommendation Letter from a teacher or school counselor commenting on your ability to successfully complete your choice of our summer program. Please allow your recommender at least two weeks to complete a letter of support.

Mail or submit documents in person to:

UCLA Summer Sessions - 1331 Murphy Hall
Attn: Summer Scholars Support
Box 951418
410 Charles E Young Dr. E
Los Angeles, California 90095-1418

For questions, please contact us at

Transcripts must be OFFICIAL and unopened. Unofficial transcripts or official transcripts that have a broken seal will not accepted.

Official transcripts may take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to generate. Additionally, a large number of high schools close for spring break during the Summer Scholars application period, delaying the request. It is your responsibility to request your official transcript in a timely manner and to ensure Summer Sessions receives the document before the deadline.


  • FEBRUARY 15: Summer Scholars Online Form is available.
  • APRIL 1: Summer Scholars Online Form due by 4PM.
  • APRIL 2: Supporting documents due by 4PM.
  • APRIL 20: Award announcements are emailed.
  • APRIL 24: Those students who have been awarded must confirm acceptance by replying to the award announcement email.
Summer Scholars Support Application now available for summer 2018!


Registration for UCLA Summer Sessions requires a deposit of $150, however, the deposit amount may be deferred for students who meet all eligibility requirements for Summer Scholars Support, complete the Summer Scholars Support application prior to the deadline, AND meet the following qualifications:

  • Current recipient of the State of California (CalFresh) or U.S. Public Assistance (including food stamps, cash, and/or medical assistance). Documentation Required: Copy of EBT Card and photo ID.
  • Participant in the free and reduced lunch program. Documentation Required: Photo of lunch tickets or official letter from your high school.
  • Family Annual Gross Income below $50,000. Documentation Required: Page 1 of parent/guardian(s) 1040 EZ

Those applying for Deferred Deposit can indicate their intention to apply during the Summer Scholars Online Form and will be contacted after successful submission of the Summer Scholars Online Form with further steps.

NOTE: Receiving Deferred Deposit does NOT indicate student will receive a Summer Scholarship as the scholarship is very competitive. In the event you apply for a scholarship and are not granted one, you will have 24 business hours to pay the $150 deposit, otherwise, you will be dropped from your program.