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Rising Sophomores -Enhance your undergraduate experience with Summer Pathways!

Receive the guidance you need to take control of your academic path

Summer Pathways is the perfect opportunity for rising sophomores! During their first year at UCLA, students gain a general introduction to courses and campus life. As a research institution, UCLA offers a wide range of majors and minors for students to choose from and it can be challenging determining which one is the right fit. As you get closer to finalizing your academic plan, it is important to start your second year with intention.

Through curated course options and engaging co-curriculars, Summer Pathways will help students navigate the many academic opportunities available at UCLA. Make connections with faculty, receive advice from upperclassmen who have declared their major and minors, learn about transferable skills, and gain the knowledge you need to confidently pursue your major and minor of interest as you begin your second year at UCLA.

Program Benefits

Take Summer Courses
This summer, you can make progress towards your degree by enrolling in Session 6C courses. Students will be able to satisfy GE requirements that will allow them to explore diverse areas of interest as well as explore courses that can potentially satisfy major and minor requirements. There is plenty of flexibility with course options and guidance throughout.

Participate in Exclusive Co-Curriculars
Various majors and minors from the Social Science and Life Science division will be represented in order to provide students with the flexibility to learn about other majors. Whether students are interested in one major, double majoring or minoring, this is the ideal time to branch out and learn more about what different majors have to offer.

Make Meaningful Friendships
Learn alongside other students who are on a similar path and expand your social connections on campus! The program will provide many opportunities for students to get to know each other. Having a strong network of support can go a long way towards making UCLA feel like a home.

Get To Know Your Counselors
UCLA offers various levels of advising and knowing the difference between each advising resource and the purpose they serve will help students confidently navigate their academics. Learn how to use advising resources to your advantage and get to know your counselors on a more personal level.