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A New Chapter Awaits: Understanding the post-graduation experience

University Studies 1 is the perfect addition to your summer schedule! It is quite common that the transition from college to life after college can evoke complex emotions. While the undergraduate experience offers significant learning and development opportunities, recent college graduates often express a desire for better preparation as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

University Studies 1 is a free online seminar that will provide you with an opportunity to learn from and connect with those who have lived through the college to career transition. Join University Studies faculty, Career Center educators, academic advisors, employers, and UCLA alum to hear more about navigating the College-to-Career Transition with intention.

Why enroll in University Studies 1?

Free of Cost

This is a zero fee course. Students already enrolled in summer courses can add University Studies 1 at no additional cost. Take advantage of this unique opportunity that will enhance your summer experience.


University Studies 1 is an online-asynchronous course that provides students with the flexibility to learn from home. Students can access course materials online and learn at their own pace.

Learning through real-world applications

University Studies 1 will help facilitate the transition from undergraduate studies to career readiness. Learn how to market the skills and strengths you have acquired during your undergraduate time at UCLA.

Campus Resources

Discover how campus resources, like the Career Center and academic departments, can support your professional growth and prepare you for post grad life.