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Student Services

Campus Services and Resources

View of cubed sculpture in a fountain at the Sculpture Garden as two students walk past.

& Dining

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The university offers fully furnished residence halls and suites within easy walking distance of classrooms, libraries, and recreational facilities for summer high school students enrolled in the Summer College Immersion Program (SCIP and SCIP+) and Precollege Summer Institutes with mandatory housing. To learn more about campus living, take the virtual tour of the residential halls and watch our UCLA housing. videos. Please see below for housing details depending on program type:

    • If you are enrolled in a Precollege Summer Institute with mandatory housing, you will automatically be included in housing arrangements and do not need to add it manually. Housing fees should be available to pay on BruinBill and are due by the payment deadline of May 1. We do NOT offer UCLA housing for students in commuter only programs; if you wish to live on campus, please apply to a mandatory housing program.
    • Students enrolled in the Summer College Immersion Program (SCIP or SCIP+) are strongly encouraged to participate in on campus housing for the full college experience. If you prefer to commute, you can indicate that as a preference on the registration form until May 15.
    • If you are enrolled in a Summer Course and are 17 years of age or older by the start of the summer term, you may apply for housing through the UCLA Housing application which opens in mid-May. UCLA Housing will NOT be offering housing to students who are 15 or 16 years old. If you would like to live on campus, we recommend applying for a mandatory housing program.

Many students find living on campus to be a convenient and enjoyable option during Summer Sessions. Housing is available for periods of 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12 weeks. To learn more about campus living, take the virtual tour of the residential halls and watch our UCLA housing videos.

For students who prefer the independence of living off-campus, UCLA also offers furnished University Apartments near campus. To be eligible for University Apartments, students must be 18 years of age or older by June 24, 2024. For more information on summer housing opportunities, please visit UCLA Housing Services.

All students that purchase the residential plan will reside in a residence hall with following amenities:

  • Triple occupancy furnished rooms
  • 24-hour front desk service and a secure facility entrance
  • Access to world class recreation facilities
  • Laundry facilities and a lounge located in each building
  • Internet access
  • Gender-specific shared bathrooms on each side of the hall; gender inclusive bathrooms on every other floor
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • One wardrobe, closet, or dresser drawer per student
  • One desk per student
  • Essential bedding: flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow, and blanket


  • Breakfast and dinner (two meals) are provided each day in the UCLA dining halls, nationally recognized for their excellent cuisine. Lunch, however, may be purchased by the student each day at any of the campus eating establishments on campus
  • If you have questions about dietary restrictions or food allergies, please contact the UCLA Dining Services Registered Dietitian (RD) at or 310-206-3193 (Office) / 424-535-4286 (Mobile). The dietician can assist only with residential dining hall inquiries.

Residential check-in and check-out depends on whether your program has mandatory or optional housing.

  • For precollege programs with mandatory housing, please see the “Program Schedule on the institute page, or reach out to the program contact of your specific program, whose contact information can be found in the “Housing- Mandatory” section of the institute page.
  • For students in the residential plan for the Summer College Immersion Program (SCIP or SCIP+), housing check-in will be on Sunday, 6/23 from 4-6pm and check out will be on Saturday, 8/3 at 11am.
  • For students in Summer Courses or College/Professional Summer Institutes, please reach out to UCLA Housing for check-in and check-out information.

Early arrivals for residential check-in or late departures for check-out cannot be accommodated. If you need to leave earlier before check-out time, you may do so as long as all mandatory programming and final requirements have been completed.

If you are attending back-to-back Precollege Summer Institutes, you may submit a Stayover Request for the night in between institutes to; the deadline to submit this request is June 15.

You will be assigned roommates based on age and gender and will be notified of the roommate assignment during check-in. In order to better foster a learning community that exposes students to a broader network of peers, we do not accommodate any specific roommate assignment request.

Summer Institute students will be grouped by their specific programs in the residence hall.

Please complete the Roommate Agreement (one worksheet per room, all roommates contribute) and submit to your program (online or ask RA where to submit) at your earliest convenience and no later than day 3 of your program.

Suggested items to bring:

  • Bathrobe, towel, washcloth, and toiletries
  • A plastic caddy or bag for carrying shower items
  • Swimsuit and a beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hangers (if desired)
  • Laundry detergent and dryer sheets
  • Sandals and comfortable shoes
  • Notebook, pens/pencils
  • Water Bottle
  • Extra pillows or blankets (Twin XL sheets, blanket, and pillow are provided)
  • Sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket
  • Any necessary medication

Before packing, please refer to your specific program page as some programs require or suggest clothing or other items for program activities.

If you choose to bring an electronic device(s), we strongly recommend documenting the serial number to prove ownership in the event of a lost and recovered device. Your sole responsibility is to keep track of all your belongings; we are not responsible for lost items. We do not recommend bringing expensive jewelry or irreplaceable items.

Our residential staff will be planning interactive, optional Residential Activities for SCIP and SCIP+ students in housing. These activities are designed to help students make the most of their academic programming at UCLA and connect with their cohort. Some of the areas that may be covered in workshops also include time management, stress relief, and study tips.

Many of our Precollege Summer Institutes with mandatory housing (only) also feature non-curricular evening and weekend activities, the availability of which is at the sole discretion of the academic department offering the program, and are not operated by UCLA Summer Sessions. To learn more about whether (and when) your selected program will host such activities, please consult the schedules for each program or contact the department in question directly.

Outside of the academic program schedule, participants may plan their time and travel on- or off-campus independently or choose to participate in evening or weekend programming activities offered by the residential supervision team so long as they abide by the terms of the Participant Agreement and are back by curfew checks at 11pm.

Summer Institute attendance for academic programming, co-curricular events, and team-building extracurricular activities, unless otherwise specified, is mandatory. You must participate in and be punctual to all required activities, including, but not limited to, orientations, classes, group meetings, and excursions. No make-up activities will be provided.

Program faculty and administrators reserve the right to dismiss a participant for repeated tardiness to and/or unauthorized absences from required activities for reasons other than unforeseen emergencies; program fees will not be refundable in the event of dismissal. Parents/guardians should consult the program administrators concerning any foreseeable absence as soon as possible.

Please visit your program page and note sample schedules are subject to change. The evening and weekend activities offered by residential staff are optional and will not be listed on the program schedule. Information about these optional activities will be provided during the program.

UCLA Precollege Summer Institutes with mandatory housing, Summer College Immersion Program, and Summer Courses are NOT youth summer camps. Rather, UCLA Precollege Summer programming is intended for highly motivated, mature high school students who are ready for college-level experiences and capable of making their own decisions, as well as accepting the consequences for those decisions. Participants are expected to manage themselves with a high level of independence and self-sufficiency comparable to matriculated UCLA students.

Outside of the program schedule, participants may plan their time and travel on- or off-campus independently or choose to participate in evening or weekend programming activities offered by the residential supervision team so long as they abide by the terms of the Participant Agreement.

Residential Supervision:

A skilled team of UCLA undergraduate students and staff will be assigned to residential participants. All staff have undergone an extensive background check and training. Their duties include:

  • Enforcing evening curfews
  • Coordinating and facilitating optional evening and weekend activities (see Residential Activities section)
  • Responding to incidents and emergencies in a timely manner


In accordance with the Program Participant Agreement, participants must abide by the evening curfew of 11:00 PM, which is to ensure sufficient rest for successful participation in the program’s activities, and must sleep in the assigned room each evening. Curfew violations without prior approval may result in disciplinary actions.

A parent/guardian may use a Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form (see below) to request an exception to the evening curfew. Approval will not be granted if forms are incomplete or submitted by someone other than the student’s parent/guardian. After receiving the request, the residential staff will contact the parent/guardian for verification purposes.

Students may be absent from the program’s required activities due to medical reasons, emergencies, or personal reasons. However, absences may affect successful performance, and full participation in program activities is essential to your success in the program. Any foreseeable absence from a mandatory activity must receive prior approval via a Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form (see below).



SCIP Curfew Exception Request Form

Precollege Summer Institutes

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Architecture

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Art

Leave Request Form – Critical Thinking

Leave Request Form – Computer Science

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Design Media Arts

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Economics, Investments, & Python

Leave Request Form – Engineering Design

Leave Request Form – Environmental Engineering

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Film and Television

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Game Lab

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Hip Hop/Street Dance

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – International Development

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Immersive International/Model UN

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Mock Trial

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Nanoscience Programs

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Sci|Art Lab+Studio/Biotech & Art

Leave Request Form – Social Software

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Startup UCLA

Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form – Theater

Leave Request Form – World Politics


Students walking on Janss steps.
View of UCLA sign.

UCLA’s campus is full of optimism, inspiration, and opportunity for students from a variety of backgrounds during the summer. With over 1,000 clubs and organizations, numerous libraries and research labs, and classrooms with inspirational discoveries and learning, you are sure to have a remarkable experience as a Summer Bruin.

Explore UCLA’s historic campus, a university with a tradition of academic excellence, a vibrant and diverse student body, and a vast array of resources and opportunities. You can easily reserve a tour online!

UCLA’s big and beautiful campus has many buildings to explore and navigate through. This Interactive Map is a useful tool to help you familiarize yourself with campus. If you prefer to learn on the go, carry a copy with you by printing this handy PDF Version.

UCLA’s main campus is bounded by Sunset Boulevard on the north and Le Conte Avenue on the south; the east border is Hilgard Avenue and the west border is Gayley Avenue. You can locate UCLA by Zip code (90095) or by street address (405 Hilgard Avenue). For recorded directions, please call 310-825-4321.

Outside of the official program class schedule, participants are expected to participate in all the aforementioned planned evening or weekend programming activities offered by the residential supervision team. However, during their down time, students may also wish to spend time doing homework or relaxing in their dormitories or elsewhere on campus. Off-campus trips that are not part of either official programming or part of residential activities are only permitted when they do not interfere with scheduled activities and are done safely. Any requests to leave campus or the program at any time for precollege high school students must be made well in advance of any planned absence by parents/guardians, and are subject to university approval as described in the Supervision and Curfew section on this page. If students are approved for an off campus trip, they must review and follow the Bus & Public Transit Safety Guidelines.

Summer Sessions parking permits will be available beginning May 30 on a first-come, first-served basis. Students have the option to purchase a summer term permit or a daily permit. Generally, summer-term permits are more cost-efficient for long-term courses or programs, while a daily permit may be better suited for students in short-term courses or programs.

Please review the Transportation and Parking Services web page and read the “Summer Quarter Parking (All Students)” section for more information on all permit types, including cost. Note: Motorcycles, mopeds, and motor scooters do not require parking permits, but may only park in designated areas.

If arriving to UCLA by plane, you will need to arrange your own transportation to campus. LAX is the closest airport to UCLA, approximately 13 miles away. For a list of ground transportation options to/from LAX and campus, visit the LAX Ground Transportation webpage. Other nearby airports include Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (21 miles away) and Long Beach/Daugherty Field Airport (32 miles away).

UCLA Facilities
& Resources

View of students walking outside of Powell Library.
A few students sit on the steps of the Student Activities Center, which has a decorative red brick facade and columns.

UCLA has allocated several resources for your success while you are studying with us over the summer. Please be sure to review the Summer Resources page, as well as the specific resources listed below.

  • ASUCLA is the student union center which includes many restaurants for eating options while on campus.
  • ASUCLA also includes a textbook store, making it a convenient place to purchase necessary class materials.

  • We strongly recommend residential students to get a BruinCard once on campus. BruinCards can be used as a form of identification, library card, gym pass, debit card, and laundry card.
  • The BruinCard Center is located at at 123 Kerckhoff Hall is open weekdays from 9AM to 4PM. You may start the process online from June 1 onward, but card pickup is required in-person.

  • Bruin Safe Online is a website and mobile app to provide access to campus safety resources, emergency contact information, and up-to-date safety notifications during any incidents on campus.
  • The UCLA Police Department (UCPD) offers evening walking escort on campus (310-794-WALK). Students can report safety concerns or any suspicious activities/behavior to UCPD at 310-825-1491. For non-emergency medical needs, students may visit the UCLA Ashe Student Health Center during regular hours.
  • Residential participants will be assigned to residential halls with 24-hour front desk service, surveillance cameras, and key-access entry. In addition, UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services has put together Safety and Emergency information, including safety protocol you should follow.

You must maintain sufficient health, accident, disability, and hospitalization insurance while traveling to and from UCLA, as well as throughout participation in Summer Sessions.

UCLA does not provide insurance for students enrolled in Summer Sessions unless specified otherwise below.

UC Students Only

The UC Student Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) is available to registered UC students only. If you are a continuing UCLA student and have purchased UC SHIP for Spring 2024, your UC SHIP coverage continues through September 2024 (End date TBD); if you have purchased BruinCare for Spring 2024, your BruinCare coverage ends on June 2024 (End date TBD). If you attend one of the other UC campuses and have purchased UC SHIP from your home UC campus, please consult your campus health care office for information on your coverage.

Visiting International Students Only

If you are a visiting international student receiving an I-20 from UCLA for participation in Summer Sessions, you will be enrolled in a two-part health insurance plan. Please see the Health Insurance for International Students section of the Summer Sessions website for more information. Prior to your arrival to UCLA, you are expected to have consulted with your healthcare providers with regard to any individual medical, physical, or mental health needs. You are expected to be capable of meeting the fundamental requirements of your courses, with reasonable accommodation if needed.

Regardless of your insurance status, you may be able to access services at the UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center at fee-for-service rates as long as you are enrolled in summer and have made a full payment of your summer fees.

Located in the heart of campus, Ackerman Student Union is the center of student life. Inside Ackerman Union, you can:

  • Check your email
  • Mail your letters
  • Manage your finances
  • Play video games
  • Grab a bite to eat

On the B-level the UCLA Store includes a bookstore, market, computer store, and UCLA gift shop.

UCLA Recreation
& Creativity

Sunlight streaming through trees and a grassy area.
Circular sculpture on walking path. Sculpture consists of four circles nested within one another.

UCLA is not only known for its top-ranked academics, but also its state-of-the-art campus resources including a variety of sports and recreation areas. Stay active with our numerous gyms and fitness classes! Spark your curiosity and creativity by visiting our art museums, galleries, and gardens surrounding the beautiful UCLA campus. With hundreds of painted, sculpted, and naturally created works, you are sure to be inspired.

UCLA Recreation is committed to providing high-quality recreational experiences that benefit the campus community. Recreation provides extensive access to a broad range of recreational activities and services at various facilities across campus. Recreation offers programming which encompasses the competitive, passive, social, cultural, and instructional aspects of recreational activity.  Visit Member Services for details on how to obtain Recreation access.

The Wooden Center is the UCLA campus gym. It offers a range of sports facilities, including:

  • Basketball courts
  • Racquetball courts
  • Weight room
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Fitness equipment
  • Classes in yoga, dance, martial arts, and more

Sunset Recreation Center, located on the hill, is a park-like facility that features:

  • Picnic areas
  • Volleyball courts
  • Swimming pools
  • Bonfire pits
  • Tennis courts
  • Challenge course

Throughout campus there are also soccer fields, running tracks, and more.

A tour of all the UCLA museums and art galleries will take you from the corner of Wilshire and Westwood Boulevards to the northeast corner of the campus. All of the following museums, galleries, and gardens are free for summer students at UCLA.

The UCLA Hammer Museum

Through its collections, exhibitions, and programs, the Hammer Museum illuminates the depth and diversity of artistic expression through the centuries.

The New Wight Gallery

The New Wright Gallery is coordinated by a Board of Directors made up of students from the Departments of Art, Architecture and Urban Design, and Design | Media Arts.

The Murphy Sculpture Garden

Located alongside Bunche Hall, the Sculpture Garden is a collection of over 70 major works by Rodin, Matisse, Calder, Lachaise, Lipchitz, Moore, Miro, and many more.

The UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History

The Fowler Museum is ranked among the top non-western art museums worldwide. The Fowler’s collections are especially strong in holdings from Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

The seven-acre Mathias Botanical Garden is located in the southeast corner of the campus and contains five thousand species of native and exotic plants. This is our recommendation for a beautiful and secluded spot to take a lunch break between classes.

Tickets for all UCLA cultural events are available at the Central Ticket Office (CTO). CTO also offers discounted student tickets to campus athletic events, local movie theaters, theme parks, and public transit options that you can take to explore Los Angeles!

UCLA is full of life and activity during the summer, with events happening throughout your studies. You can view a list of events on the UCLA Happenings webpage.

Your Passport to
Life at UCLA

Student wearing a UCLA hat. The hat has UCLA written in blue letters.

The BruinCard is your passport to life at UCLA. It is the primary student identification used at the library, gym, dining halls, campus events, and many more. Starting June 1, you can pick up your BruinCard at the BruinCard Center in 123 Kerckhoff Hall. The BruinCard Center is open weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Note: If this is your first time applying for a BruinCard, you may submit a photo of your choice online. If you lose or need a replacement BruinCard, you must request for it in person and pay a replacement fee.