UCLA Summer Online Courses



2020 Session Schedule For Academic Courses

Session A 6 weeks June 22, 2020 July 31, 2020
Session A 8 weeks June 22, 2020 August 14, 2020
Session A 9 weeks June 22, 2020 August 21, 2020
Session A 10 weeks June 22, 2020 August 28, 2020
Session C 6 weeks August 3, 2020 September 11, 2020


Dates for our Summer 2020 Intensive Studies courses can be found online at https://www.summer.ucla.edu/intensivestudies.


Enrolled students are expected to complete all assigned coursework, take all examinations, attend class regularly, and submit all required work by the end of the session.

No part of the coursework may be continued beyond the close of the course unless prearranged by the student and the instructor.

The work of all students at UCLA is reported in terms of grades. Instructors are required to assign a final grade for each student enrolled in a course.

For more information on UCLA’s grade policy, visit the Registrar’s website.

Grading Basis

Some courses offer the option to choose your grading basis, either letter grading, P/NP, or S/U, while other courses stipulate letter grading, P/NP, or S/U only. For classes that only have one grade type, you will not be able to change the grading option.

Courses with both the letter grading or P/NP (S/U if you have a bachelor’s degree) option, letter grade will be assigned by default unless you specify your grade type to be otherwise.

Courses taken for P/NP or S/U might not count toward graduation requirements. Please be sure to consult an academic adviser before taking courses on the P/NP or S/U basis.

Courses with optional grading basis can be changed on MyUCLA until the following deadlines:

Course Length Grading Basis Deadline
6-Week Course Friday of Week 4
(Session A: July 15, Session C: August 26)
8-Week Course Friday of Week 5 (Session A: July 22)
9/10 - Week Course Friday of Week 6 (Session A: July 29)

NOTE: Students enrolled in Intensive Studies courses will have differing deadlines for grade type change. Please visit https://www.summer.ucla.edu/intensivestudies for relevant grade type change information.


UCLA is on the quarter system. As a general guide, a semester unit is worth 1.5 quarter units (e.g., 4 quarter units = 2.5 semester units).

UCLA courses are generally accepted for transfer credit, but all decisions on transferability rest with the home institution.

Students should get advance approval of their UCLA Summer Sessions course selections from the home institution prior to registration.

Final Examinations

The final examination is usually given during the last scheduled class meeting. Exceptions are noted in the Schedule of Classes. When a course requires a final examination, there can be no individual exemptions.

NOTE: A course cannot be dropped or removed from your record if you make any attempt to take the final examination.

Alternate Examinations

Special examinations and re-examinations are not permitted in Summer Sessions courses.

However, in compliance with Section 92640(a) of the California Education Code, the University does accommodate requests for alternate examination dates when the scheduled date and time would violate your religious creed.

Accommodation for alternate examination dates should be worked out directly and on an individual basis between the student and faculty member involved.

  1. In general, you should request an alternate examination date from the instructor during the first two weeks of the session or as soon as possible after a particular examination date is announced by the instructor.
  2. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory arrangement with the instructor, contact the Office of Summer Sessions, (310) 825-4101, the Ombuds Office, or the Office of the Dean of Students for assistance.


The transcript is a permanent record that reflects all undergraduate and graduate work completed at UCLA. It lists courses, units, grades, cumulative grade-point average, transfer credits, total units, and work in progress in chronological order.

Ordering a transcript can be done online through MyUCLA. Those requiring expedited or special delivery can submit a Transcript Request Form (PDF). Transcript Request Forms can be downloaded online here or picked up at 1113 Murphy Hall between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday.

Requests are not processed if students have outstanding financial, academic, or administrative obligations to the University.

NOTE: Current or newly admitted UCLA students will have their grades appear on their UCLA transcript immediately after grades are submitted by the course instructor. Current or newly admitted visiting UC students will have their grades appear on their home UC campus's transcript in October or November.


The UCLA Student Conduct Code has been developed to maintain a safe, supportive, and inclusive campus community that engages students in order to foster their academic success, personal growth and responsible citizenship. Therefore, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which demonstrates respect for themselves, their fellow Summer Sessions peers, UCLA's faculty members, and members of the local community.

Behavior governed by the UCLA Student Conduct Code includes academic honesty, treatment of others, health and safety, use of resources, and use of alcohol and controlled substances. UCLA’s reputation for academic excellence and institutional integrity is among the most valued assets; as such, academic integrity is of paramount importance and UCLA does all within its power to maintain its standards.

During the summer, matriculated UCLA students and visiting students alike are members of our diverse and inclusive True Bruin community. For more information, please visit the Dean of Students' website.












Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MARCH 2: FAFSA Deadline for UCLA Students

APRIL 1-30: Financial Aid Application for Current UCLA Students Available

MAY 15: Full Payment Due (Enrollment before May 17)

JUNE 19: Full Payment Due (Enrolled May 18 – June 22)

JUNE 19: Full Payment Due (Enrollment before June 21)

JUNE 26: Impacted Course Refund and Drop Deadline (Session A)

JULY 3: Nonimpacted Course Refund Deadline (Session A)

JULY 17: Grading Basis Change Deadline (Session A, 6wk)

JULY 31: Full Payment Due (Session C, Enrolled June 21 – August 2)

AUGUST 7: Impacted Course Refund and Drop Deadline (Session C)

AUGUST 14: Nonimpacted Course Refund Deadline (Session C)

AUGUST 28: Grading Basis Change Deadline (Session C)