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TAGS: Payment Deadlines

Payment Deadline for Precollege Summer Institutes and College/Professional Summer Institutes

The deadline applies only to Precollege or College/Professional Summer Institutes only. Payment for all Summer Institutes is due in full no later than 5PM, May 1.

Students may pay their balance using one of the two payment methods below.

  • Online using a credit card, electronic check, or foreign currency
  • In person with a paper check, money order, or cash

Those who enroll after the payment deadline are expected to make full payment at the time of enrollment.

Date and Time

May 1, 2024

Student Type

Adults and Professionals

High School Student

Incoming UC Student

Incoming UCLA Student

UC Graduate Student

UC Undergraduate Student

UCLA Graduate Student

UCLA Undergraduate Student

Visiting International Student

Visiting U.S. Student

Course & Program Type

College/Professional Summer Institutes

Precollege Summer Institutes