Why be a summer bruin?

Important Note: UCLA has decided to transition all summer offerings to remote learning only. For more information, visit our Updates and Alerts page.

Who is an Incoming UCLA Student?

Summer fee assessment and policies vary by student types.

To qualify as an incoming UCLA student for summer enrollment purposes, you must meet the following requirements:

Why be a Summer Bruin?

4 out of 5 UCLA students will become a Summer Bruin at some point during their undergraduate career. Summer Sessions offers incoming new Bruins various ways to earn UCLA credit before their first fall quarter.

We encourage you to utilize Summer Sessions to catch up, get ahead, or explore during your undergraduate career at UCLA. It is important that you understand how specific courses will apply towards your intended degree. Please be sure to consult with your academic adviser before enrolling.

Academic Courses

Over 600+ unique courses are available each summer at UCLA. The First Year Summer Guide and the Transfer Summer Guide contains a list of courses available during the summer that may satisfy degree requirements. This guide is intended as a quick reference tool only, and we do not recommend that you enroll in the listed courses without consulting a department counselor or adviser.

To find out how being a Summer Bruin can help you gain a competitive edge:

  1. Contact New Student & Transition Programs and inquire if there are major preparation courses or degree requirements that you should consider taking before the fall quarter.
  2. Sign up for a New Student Orientation via MyUCLA . Please visit the New Student Orientation website for important sign-up information on fees, deadlines, the cancellation policy, and more.
  3. Review Information on Summer Sessions fees, enrollment policies and deadlines, financial aid, payment and refund policies, and more, available here on the Academic Courses for UCLA students page. When choosing a course to enroll, be sure that your course meetings do not conflict with your New Student Orientation session.

2020 Freshman Summer Guide

2020 Transfer Summer Guide

Academic Course Homepage

College Summer Institute (CSI)

College Summer Institute (CSI) is specifically designed for incoming first-year students seeking head-start advantages.

CSI participants will participate in the program with fellow incoming students that have similar objectives, creating life-long friendships and networks while taking courses that satisfy degree requirements.

All participants will complete a minimum of two courses offered with a smaller instructor-to-student ratio, providing more opportunities to interact with UCLA faculty than during the regular academic year.

In order to help new students transition smoothly to college, CSI students can enroll in UCLA's popular University Studies 10 at no additional cost.

University Studies is designed to help new students transition smoothly to college life. Students are introduced to UCLA’s campus culture, structure, policies, and procedures as they begin their academic careers. This course is an optional third course for CSI participants and will be free for students who enroll (i.e., the per unit cost is waived). Space is limited.

College Summer Institute Homepage

Freshman Summer Program (FSP)

Freshman Summer Program (FSP) is a seven-week rigorous academic program open only to students who are in the Academic Advancement Program (AAP). The Academic Advancement Program serves members of the UCLA population who may be first-generation students, underrepresented minorities, and/or students from financially under-resourced high schools.

FSP students will enroll in three university courses that meet UCLA’s graduation requirements. You’ll receive close personal attention from professors, teaching assistants, counselors, and peer counselors, and you’ll work closely with peer learning facilitators in small groups or in one-on-one individual meetings.

Freshman Summer Program Homepage

Transfer Summer Program (TSP)

While participating in the Transfer Summer Program (TSP), you will gain even more confidence in your intellectual abilities before experiencing the pressures of your first full quarter of university academic work. You will become familiar with the whole range of campus programs, services, and resources available to you; and you’ll have the opportunity to engage with other TSP students of diverse backgrounds.

The Academic Advancement Program serves members of the UCLA population who may be first-generation students, underrepresented minorities, and/or students from financially under-resourced high schools.

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UCLA Summer Sessions 2021 will be remote. Learn More.