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The outside of the Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs with groups of students walking by.

We are thrilled to have you join us this summer through our hundreds of summer course offerings. Regardless of where you are at in your academic journey, our welcoming faculty, diverse students, and beautiful campus all make UCLA one of the best universities in the world and a wonderful place to call your home as a Summer Bruin.  

Below is important information to review before summer begins. Please note that the information included on this page applies to 2024 Summer Session courses, i.e. individual courses that are six weeks or longer, as well as 3-week Summer Intensives. If you are enrolled in a Summer Institute or the Summer College Immersion Program, please see your program page for policies and deadlines. 

In addition to reviewing this Bruin Guide, we encourage you to watch our pre-recorded Orientation for Summer Courses.

Rest assured that our dedicated staff stands ready to assist you with questions. You can reach us at 


Before Summer

Before you begin your academic journey at UCLA this summer, it is important to familiarize yourself with our academic policies and deadlines. All enrollment actions will be done on your MyUCLA account, under the “Classes” tab. Please be sure to visit our Enrollment Info page, as well as review and bookmark our Key Dates and Deadlines page, where you can find detailed information regarding: 

  • MyUCLA Video Tutorials
  • Adding Courses
  • Dropping Courses
  • Changing Grading Basis

Mode of Instruction: When enrolling, please be mindful of the mode of instruction for your courses. If you are enrolling in a fully online course, it will state “Online – Recorded”, “Online – Not Recorded” or “Online – Asynchronous”. For the first two online options, students will still be expected to attend their online class at the time stated. Only the “Online – Asynchronous” option will permit students to attend their online class at any time that works for their schedule. If a physical location is listed, the course will be in-person or hybrid.  

Waitlist Policy: If the course you wish to take is at capacity, you may add yourself to the waitlist if available. While on the waitlist, students will have full access to the class website and class materials. When a space becomes available to the #1 waitlisted student, the student will be automatically enrolled in the course. Students are not notified of waitlist position changes, and it is your responsibility to regularly check your waitlist status on MyUCLA. Students will have until the end of Friday of Week 1 of the course to get off of the waitlist; if a space does not become available, you will be dropped from the waitlist and automatically refunded the course fees.

Unit Maximum: You are limited in the number of units you can take. Visiting students can enroll in up to 18 units for the entire summer term (3-4 classes). If you are a high school student, you can enroll in up to 10 units for the entire summer term (1-2 classes).

Full payment is required to participate in UCLA Summer Sessions, and it is your responsibility to review your MyUCLA BruinBill account and pay the balance according to the payment deadline. Failure to pay by the deadline may result in adverse actions such as a hold placed on your record, enrollment cancellation, enrollment restriction, delinquent fee assessment, and collections activities. 

The payment deadline for Summer 2024 depends on your student population type:

  • Non-UC visiting students: Friday, May 17 (5pm PDT)
  • UC students: Friday, June 21 (5pm PDT)

If you enroll after the payment deadline, payment is due immediately. In order to make payment, you will need to login to your MyUCLA account, go to the “Finances and Jobs” tab, and select “BruinBill”.  

Please note that you are expected to pay for waitlisted courses by the payment deadline. If you do not receive a space in the course by the Friday of Week 1, you will be refunded the course fees. 

Refunds: We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with our refund policy. The refund deadline is determined by the course’s session dates and explained in further detail on our Key Dates and Deadlines page.  

The university offers furnished residence halls and residential suites within easy walking distance of classrooms, libraries, and recreational facilities for summer students who are 17 years of age or older by move-in date. Housing is available for periods of 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12 weeks, corresponding with each session date. 

In order to request housing, you will need to submit a housing application through UCLA Housing. This application becomes available in mid to late April. Please be sure to visit the UCLA Housing website to find the application, as well as information regarding room types and rates. All housing contracts will come with two meals a day (14 meal plan per week).  

Housing is directly overseen by the UCLA Housing office. Any further questions regarding housing should be directed to them via email ( or phone (310-206-7011).


In the weeks leading up to the start of your summer courses, we recommend completing everything in the Pre-Arrival Checklist to best guarantee a smooth start to your summer!

During Summer

Summer courses are regular ten-week courses condensed into a shorter time period. Therefore, missing any portion of the course would leave you at a great disadvantage and you should do your best to ensure there are no conflicts, such as family vacations or other obligations.  

If you must miss a significant portion of the course, you should consult with the instructor to determine if you will be able to make-up any material or assignments missed. While a majority of UCLA courses do not take attendance, missing large portions of the course may make it very difficult to pass the course and the opportunity to make-up missed work will be at the instructor’s discretion.  

Final examinations are usually given during the last week of course instruction, most commonly on the last scheduled course meeting. Students can confirm final examination dates in the course syllabus.  

A course cannot be dropped or removed from your record if you attempt to take the final examination.

If you are participating in Summer Session, you are considered a member of the UCLA community regardless of your UCLA matriculation status. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that demonstrates True Bruin Values, as well as respect for yourself, your fellow students, faculty, staff, and the learning environment.

You must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by UCLA, including, but not limited to, rules and regulations of the UCLA Office of Summer Sessions and UCLA Student Code of Conduct. You will be expected to meet the highest standards both academically and behaviorally, and will be held fast to a commitment to academic and personal integrity; respect for all members of our Bruin Community and teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other University activities; regard for the basic rules of physical safety; and compliance with directions of University or other public officials.  

Conduct violations will result in disciplinary action, up to suspension from UCLA Summer Sessions. Examples of violations include: academic dishonesty, theft/damage of property, use of offensive language (racial, homophobic, sexist), use of illegal substances and tobacco products, possessions of weapons, and discrimination.  

UCLA is a large campus with many resources that are available to all summer students! Please be sure to look through our Summer Resource page, as well as review the specific resources listed below:

  1. ASUCLA & Textbook Store
    • ASUCLA is the student union center which includes many restaurants for eating options while on campus
    • ASUCLA also includes a textbook store, making it a convenient place to purchase necessary class materials
  2. BruinCard Office
    • Place to pick-up UCLA’s primary student ID card; this is OPTIONAL and not required
  3. Bruins Safe Online
    • A website and mobile app to provide access to campus safety resources, emergency contact information, and up-to-date safety notifications during any incidents on campus
  4. UCLA Libraries
    • UCLA’s biggest libraries are Powell Library and Charles E. Young Research Library. At both libraries, you can reserve study spaces, equipment lending, and research consultations
  5. UCLA Transportation & Campus Map
    • Visit this office website to learn more about parking and getting to campus; please note UCLA does not provide transportation services to/from the airport
    • You can view the Interactive Map to help familiarize yourself with campus

After Summer

Final grades will be made available within two weeks after the final day of instruction. Please be sure to refer to your syllabi for how your courses are graded.  

Students can check their final grade via two methods: 

  1. Login to your MyUCLA account, select “Classes” tab, select “Final Grades and GPA” 
  2. Login to the BruinLearn class website and go to the “Grades” tab

All students will also have a UCLA official academic transcript. This is a permanent record that reflects all work completed at UCLA. Students can download an unofficial copy of their transcript for their own records by accessing their MyUCLA account, going to the “Classes” tab, and selecting “Transcript – Student Copy (Unofficial)”.  

UCLA courses are generally accepted for transfer credit at most universities and colleges, but all decisions on transferability rest with the receiving institution (i.e., the university or college to which you plan to transfer the UCLA credit). It is your responsibility to verify whether the credit earned from the program can transfer to your desired institution. Please get advance approval from the receiving institution prior to registration if you wish to transfer your UCLA Summer Sessions credit.   

If you need to order an official transcript to be sent to another university for transfer credit, you can easily do so by logging into your MyUCLA account, going to the “Classes” tab, and selecting “Transcript – Official”. Please visit the UCLA Registrar’s Office website to learn more about ordering a transcript. 

Please note that UCLA is on the quarter system. As a general guide, a semester unit is worth approximately 1.5 quarter units (e.g., 4 quarter units = 2.5 semester units).