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As a college student, preparation is the key to success

We are thrilled to have you join us this summer through Summer Pathways to help you achieve your personal and professional goals! Our welcoming faculty, diverse students, and beautiful campus all make UCLA one of the best universities in the world and a wonderful place to call your home as a Summer Bruin.

Please see below for important information to review before the summer begins.

Rest assured that our dedicated staff stands ready to assist you with questions; you can reach us at

All deadlines, unless otherwise stated, are at 5PM Pacific Time.

Before Program

Course Enrollment: All participants in Summer Pathways are expected to take two approved courses in Session 6C that do NOT conflict with the program’s co-curriculars (Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30pm-4:30pm). Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in a writing course as one of the courses in their schedule. Students may also enroll in an optional 3rd course (University Studies 10A). Please review the Summer Pathways Approved Course page for a list of courses in each pathway.

*Please ensure you meet the pre-requisites for any courses you enroll in. If you have any questions regarding course enrollment, you may email


Analytical Writing Placement Exam
If you would like to take a writing course and you have not satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement (see approved page/writing requirement), you must take the AWPE on one of the following dates:

  • Monday, June 24, 2024, 10:00am-1:00pm
  • Monday, July 8th, 2024, 10:00am-1:00pm

Please visit the UCLA Writing Programs page for more information regarding costs and registration steps.

Academic Records
New students must submit their high school transcripts by July 1 and any test scores (e.g. AP, IB) by July 15. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions office for more information.


How to submit payment? To submit payment online, sign in to your MyUCLA account, select “Finances and Jobs,” then “BruinBill.”

Payment for Summer Pathways will consist of the following:

Amount When fee will be assessed Payment Deadline
Program Fee $400.00 Program fee will be assessed on 06/03. If you register after 06/03, it will be assessed on 07/02. July 05, 2024 (5:00PM PST)
Course Fees Amount varies * After enrollment, you will immediately have access to course fees on BruinBill. June 21, 2024 (5:00PM PST)
Housing Fee $2,747.00 Housing fee will be assessed on 06/03. If you register after 06/03, it will be assessed on 07/02. July 05, 2024 (5:00PM PST)

*Course fees are calculated based on student type and the number of units you enroll in. For a fee overview and estimate, you may view our Fees page.

NOTE: Failure to make payment may result in drops for non-payment and/or financial holds.



New Fall 2024 UCLA admits who would like to participate in orientation are strongly encouraged to register for New Student Orientation session 103, July 30-July 31st.

How to Register:

Reservations for New Student Orientations begins May 28, 2024 at 3:00 pm (Pacific Time) via MyUCLA. For more information regarding registration and costs, visit the New Student Academic Programs page.

*Please note orientation costs are separate.

Drop Deadline: Monday, July 29, 2024 5:00PM PST
Refund Deadline: Monday, July 29, 2024 5:00PM PST

  • The housing fee will be automatically included when you register for Summer Pathways. The drop and refund deadline for the housing fee is Monday, July 29, 2024 5:00PM PST. If you would like to opt out of housing, please email by this deadline.

In the weeks leading up to the start of Summer Pathways, we recommend completing everything in our Pre-Arrival Checklist to best guarantee a smooth start to your summer!

During Program

All students registered for Summer Pathways are required to attend the program welcome event on Sunday August 04, 2024 from 4:30pm-5:30pm. This event will cover the following topics

  • Program Overview
  • Program Schedule
  • Attendance & Expectations
  • Important Contacts

More information will be provided to students closer to the start of the program.

Drop Deadline: August 09, 2024 (5:00PM PST)
Refund Deadline: August 09, 2024 (5:00PM PST)

  • To drop the program, you will need to email The drop and refund deadline for the program fee is August 09, 2024 5:00PM PST. As long as your drop request is received by this deadline, you will receive a refund of the $400 program fee. Drop requests received after August 09 will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Please note, if you no longer wish to participate in the program, you will need to drop your courses too.

Add Deadline: August 9, 2024 (5:00PM PST)

  • To add a course, login to MyUCLA, select the “Classes” tab and “Find a Class and Enroll”, select the course using the search options, and confirm you are enrolled in the course by viewing your “Study List. The deadline to add a Session 6C course on MyUCLA is August 9, 2024 5:00PM PST. After the add deadline of Friday of week 1, students may only enroll with consent from the course instructor through a PTE* (permission to enroll) number or an authorized signature on a Student Update Form emailed to

Changing Grading Basis Deadline:  August 30, 2024 (by 5:00PM PST)

  • To change the grading basis for a course, select the “Classes” tab, then “Change Grade Type”. Confirm the grading basis has been updated by viewing your “Study List”

Drop Deadline: Impacted Courses: Friday, Week 1 of the course (August 09 by 5:00PM PST) & Non-Impacted Courses: Last day of the class (September 13 by 5:00PM PST)

  • To drop a course, log into MyUCLA, click on the “Classes” tab and “Drop a Class”, select the pencil icon under “Changes” and “Drop”. Confirm the course no longer appears on the study List.  Please note the drop and refund deadline are not the same for most summer courses
  • If you are dropping a non-impacted course within the final two weeks of the course, you will need to complete an extra step. Please submit a Summer Drop Request Form to by the September 13 deadline.
  • A student may not drop a course if the final exam, paper, or project was attempted or submitted.
  • The $150 processing fee is assessed when UCLA students drop all summer courses to 0 units regardless of when the courses are dropped.

Refund Deadline: Impacted Courses: Friday, Week 1 of the course (August 09 by 5:00PM PST) & Non-Impacted Courses: Friday, Week 2 of the course (August 16 by 5:00PM PST)

  • As long as you drop your courses by the refund deadline, you will receive a refund of the course fees. Please confirm whether the course you selected is impacted or non-impacted.

During summer, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that demonstrates True Bruin Values, as well as respect for yourself, your fellow students, faculty, staff, and the learning environment.

You must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by UCLA, including, but not limited to, rules and regulations of the UCLA Office of Summer Sessions and UCLA Student Code of Conduct. You will be expected to meet the highest standards both academically and behaviorally, and will be held fast to a commitment to academic and personal integrity; respect for all members of our Bruin Community and teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other University activities; regard for the basic rules of physical safety; and compliance with directions of University or other public officials.

A breach of conduct will result in disciplinary action, up to suspension from UCLA Summer Sessions and administrative action against your status in the University. Examples of violations include: academic dishonesty, theft/damage of property, use of offensive language (racial, homophobic, sexist), use of illegal substances and tobacco products, possessions of weapons, and discrimination.


Need help? Take advantage of academic/tutoring services on campus

Course Tutoring

Test Resources 

  • CPO Test Bank – The Test Bank is a resource that allows students to access previously administered midterms, finals, and papers from various courses. Each appointment gives students the opportunity 5 minutes to access a maximum of 5 exams or other course materials

Printing Services

  • CPO Computer Lab – Computer Lab is available for use to all UCLA students with no charge. Each student is allotted 150 duplicate prints (75 sheets) per quarter with a maximum of 100 pages (50 sheets) per job.
  • If you live on The Hill, there are several free printing stations in Covel Commons , and the Reiber and De Neve residence halls; look them up here.
  • If you qualify for Advanced Academic Placement (AAP), Campbell Hall offers free printing.

Equipment Lending Services

  • Laptops, ipads, phone cables, charges, adaptors, etc. available with UCLA Library.

After Program

Final grades will be made available within two weeks after the final day of instruction. Please be sure to refer to your syllabi for how your courses are graded.

Students can check their final grade via two methods:

  • Login to your MyUCLA account, select “Classes” tab, select “Final Grades and GPA”
  • Login to the BruinLearn class website and go to the “Grades” tab