During the summer months, visiting UC students have four different summer experiences to select from here at UCLA:

  • Academic Courses
  • Online Courses
  • College/Professional Summer Institutes
  • Summer Intensive Studies

Summer fee assessment and policies vary by student types. To qualify as a current matriculated UC student for summer enrollment purposes, you must meet at least one of the requirements below:

  • Admitted UC student with an active winter and/or spring term and a degree expected term after the end of the summer term.
  • Incoming UC freshman or transfer student who has submitted their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to the university.
  • Admitted UC student returning from a leave of absence (excluding students on probation or subject to dismissal) with a degree expected term after the end of the summer term.

If you do not meet any of these requirements and want to participate in Summer Sessions as a visiting U.S. student, please click here.


Please note, our webpages will not be updated with Summer 2021 information until mid-December. Thank you for your patience. Should you have any questions, you may contact us via email at info@summer.ucla.edu


Summer Courses

During the summer, many courses that make up UCLA's regular curriculum are offered in four sessions, Session A, B, C, and D . Choose from over 600+ courses in 130 majors at UCLA this summer for 3-10 weeks, including GE, Writing II, and major or minor courses. You can have a successful and productive summer no matter where you are headed.

Please find below helpful links to get started with academic courses this summer:

Academic Course Information for Visiting UC Students

Schedule of Classes

Summer Staples



2021 Session Schedule for Academic Courses
Session A 3 weeks June 21, 2021 July 9, 2021
Session A 6 weeks June 21, 2021 July 30, 2021
Session A 8 weeks June 21, 2021 August 13, 2021
Session A 9 weeks June 21, 2021 August 20, 2021
Session A 10 weeks June 21, 2021 August 27, 2021
Session B 3 weeks July 12, 2021 July 30, 2021
Session C 3 weeks August 2, 2021 August 20, 2021
Session C 6 weeks August 2, 2021 September 10, 2021
Session D 3 weeks August 23, 2021 September 10, 2021

College/Professional Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes offer the breadth and depth of UCLA's academic rigor in an intensive, holistic format.

2020 College Professional Summer Institutes:



Summer Intensive Studies (SIS)

Summer Intensive Studies provide a unique opportunity to complete a 10-week course in just three weeks or a three-quarter long series in just nine weeks!









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