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Summer fees reflect the total number of units you enroll in. Below is a summary of fees that apply to those who enroll in online courses only. If you enroll in a course that has any on-campus component, applicable campus/registration, health insurance (international students only), and/or iStart@UCLA fees (international students) will be assessed.

Please note that the non-refundable deposit of $150 required of all visiting "online" summer students for registration is not an additional fee and will apply toward the summer tuition balance.

All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Living outside the U.S. or being a citizen of a different country doesn't automatically classify a student as international. If you answer no to ALL of the questions below, you are an international student for summer registration purposes and will require an F-1 visa to participate:

  • Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, i.e., a Green Card holder?
  • Are you an international student currently studying in the US and returning to the same school after the summer?
  • Do you intend to enroll only in academic courses that are offered completely online?

International students may enroll in a minimum of 8 units and a maximum of 20 units per session. Most courses are valued at 4 or 5 units each. We recommend taking 8 to 12 units due to the intensive course format.

For non-UCLA, visiting Summer students, registration is not complete until the deposit is paid in full. Those who are not prepared to pay can submit their registration form and retrieve registration at another time to make the deposit.

This deposit is not refundable under any circumstances even if you drop all courses before they begin. If you withdraw, this deposit will appear as processing fee charge on your BruinBill account.

Summary of Fees

Registration Fee $150 (Non-UCLA students only)
Referenda Fees $128.80 (Undergraduate) | $66 (Graduate)
2020 Unit Fee $279 per unit (UC Undergrad) | $349 per unit (UC Graduate Student) | $360 per unit (all others)
IEI Fee $61 per summer (students without a bachelor's degree)
Document Fee

Document fee covers a lifetime supply of official transcripts mailed by USPS first class mail. Summer-only visiting students, except visiting UC students, will be assessed a one-time document fee during their first summer term; returning summer-only students will not be subject to the document fee. For more information, please click here.

$50 assessed only for the first summer term at UCLA
Late Add Fee

A non-refundable late fee of $50 will be assessed for each course added after Friday of second week of the session. No late fees are assessed if a student is re-adding a class that was dropped, switching sections of the same class, or adding any 99, 195-199, 596-599 courses.

$50 per class added after second week

In addition, a small number of courses carry additional Materials Use Fees. If you enroll in any of those courses, you will be assessed a material use fee for the course.

Fee Calculation Example

The following example based on the UC undergraduate status is intended to help you estimate your fees. If enrolled in two courses that carry 4 and 5 units respectively, your fees are estimated at $2,572 regardless of whether the two courses are offered in Session A or Session C:

Summer Fee Calculation Example

4-unit course unit fees $279 x 4 = $1,116
5-unit course unit fees $279 x 5 = $1,395
IEI fee $61

This is only an estimate, and the actual amount may vary depending on whether you are a UC undergraduate student or have attended UCLA Summer Sessions before, whether your courses carry IEI and/or material use fees, or when courses are added.

Instructional Enhancement Fee

An Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI) Fee will be assessed to students without a bachelor's degree. Individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree will not be assessed this fee.

International Students

An F-1 visa is not required for those who would be otherwise categorized as International students for Summer Sessions registration purposes if enrolled in online courses only.

Payment Deadline

Please make sure your balance is paid in full by the applicable payment deadline to avoid enrollment cancellations, holds on student records, delinquent fees, and/or collection actions. For details, see PAYMENT DELINQUENCY.

Note: All deadlines are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Please take the time zone into consideration when making arrangements to process your payment.

Student Type Payment Deadline
Visiting Non-UC Students: June 5 (5PM)
UC Students: June 19 (5PM)

NOTE: All fees associated with University services excluding those associated with your Summer Sessions enrollment, such as UCLA store, library, ASHE center charges, are due by the 20th of the month following the posting date of the charge. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the last business day prior to the 20th. Payment must be made by 5PM online or by 4PM if made in-person at the Payment Solutions & Compliance office in 1125 Murphy Hall.

*These payment deadlines may be extended only for UC students who are identified by their respective UC financial aid office as summer financial aid recipients. No exception requests by individual UC students will be accepted regardless of their UC summer financial aid status. Those who are granted exception will be notified of the extended payment deadline.


Your summer bill will be available for view after enrollment is complete.

Note: Your bill reflects your enrollment activities. If you make any changes to your enrollments, be sure to view your BruinBill to verify changes in your balance due.

You are not relieved of financial responsibility if you fail to attend classes, reverse your credit card charges, stop payment on your registration check, or if the bank does not honor your check or credit card payment.

Credit Card or E-Check

All credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% non-refundable service charge per transaction. This charge is assessed by Higher One, Inc. and may not be refunded under any circumstances. No service fees are applied to e-check payments.

Accepted forms of payment are VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, or electronic check (e-check).

  1. Sign-in to MyUCLA (Logon and password required)
  2. On the main menu, select "Finances and Jobs," then "BruinBill"
  3. Continue to BruinBill
  4. Once on the BruinBill page, select "Make a Payment" at the top

Foreign Currency Payment

  1. Sign-in to MyUCLA (Logon and password required)
  2. On the main menu, select "Finances and Jobs," then "BruinBill"
  3. Continue to BruinBill
  4. Once on the BruinBill page, select "Make a Payment" at the top and select "Pay With Foreign Currency"

Travelex payments allow you to lock into an exchange rate with your bank. If your currency is not listed, you may request that your bank make the transfer in US dollars.

Cash, Check, or Money Order

If you wish to pay by check or money order, make payable to "UC Regents" and include both your University Identification (UID) number and the term you wish to pay (i.e., Summer 2020) on the memo line.

You may pay in person with check, money order, or cash at the Payment Solutions and Compliance (1125 Murphy Hall, UCLA).

You may also pay by mail with a check or money order to the following address:

UCLA Payment Solutions and Compliance Office
Box 957089, 1125 Murphy Hall
405 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7089

Financial Aid

UCLA financial aid is available only to qualified UCLA students, including newly admitted UCLA students beginning in the fall 2020.

All visiting students, including other UC students , should check with their home institution regarding financial aid options.

All registered Summer Sessions students assume full responsibility for all fees regardless of their financial aid status and are held to the UCLA Summer Sessions payment deadlines.

Other University of California campuses may offer financial aid for Summer Study at UCLA. If you are a current UC student, please check with your home financial aid office.




Visiting Students

For non-UCLA students, the deposit of $150 is not refundable if you withdraw from summer after 5PM, June 5 (PDT). In the event of withdrawal after June 5, the total refund amount will reflect this deposit, appearing as Processing Fee on the BruinBill account.

UCLA Students

Deposits are not required for UCLA students. However, the processing fee of $150 will be assessed if all courses are dropped after 5PM, June 19 (PDT). This processing fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

2020 Refund Deadlines

  • Session A: 5PM, July 3 (PDT)
  • Session C: 5PM, August 14 (PDT)

Excluding the non-refundable deposit, the following fees are refundable only if the course is dropped before the course's respective refund deadline (specified above):

  • Course fee
  • Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI) fee (if all courses dropped)
  • Material use fees
  • Registration fee (if all courses dropped)
  • Document fee (if all courses dropped)

These fees are 100% non-refundable if dropped after the refund deadline and you will be financially liable for any courses you are enrolled in past the refund deadline.

Refund Disbursement

If entitled to a refund from the UCLA Summer Sessions Office, you will receive your refund one of three ways within 1-3 weeks:

  • BruinDirect: BruinDirect is a free and automatic way for students to receive refunds directly to a U.S. checking or savings account. You may sign-up on BruinBill.
  • Credit Card: Payments made with a credit card will be returned back to the credit card that made the original payment.
  • Check Refund: If payment made using a method other than credit card and if not signed-up for BruinDirect, refund will be issued as a paper check and mailed to the mailing address on file.

Refund Petition

Students who encounter unforeseen, extenuating circumstances may petition for an exception to the refund policy. Reasons such as the following are not considered unforeseen or extenuating circumstances and therefore will NOT be considered for an exception to the refund policy:

  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of Summer Sessions deadlines, policies, and regulations
  • Lack of knowledge of enrollment status and/or non-attendance
  • Reliance on enrollment cancellations due to payment delinquency or non-payment
  • Insufficient, delayed, and/or cancellation of financial aid award
  • Conditions or chronic illnesses that remain static and are known to the student at the time of registration/enrollment
  • Dissatisfaction with course(s) and/or grade received

For information on the refund petition, please contact UCLA Summer Sessions at (310) 825-4101 or

Important Information

Summer offerings are subject to change, without prior notice, by action of the academic department offering the course/program. Changes include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Meeting time and location changes
  • Instructor substitutions
  • Course cancellation

Reasonable endeavor will be made to notify students of such changes and suggest alternatives when applicable.

In the event of cancellation, the University is not responsible for any consequential loss or expenses incurred as a result; only the course fee, as well as campus, registration, material and/or IEI fees if applicable will be subject to refund.










Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MARCH 2: FAFSA Deadline for UCLA Students

APRIL 1-30: Financial Aid Application for Current UCLA Students Available

MAY 13-13: Precollege Webinar

JUNE 5: Full Payment Due if enrollment before 5PM, June 5

JUNE 19: Full Payment Due if enrolled June 5 (5PM) – June 19 (5PM)

JUNE 19: Full Payment Due: Enrollment before June 19 (5PM)

JULY 3: Refund Deadline (Session A)

JULY 31: Grading Basis Change Deadline (Session A, 6wk)

JULY 31: Full Payment Deadline: Session C only if enrolled June 19 (5PM) – July 31 (5PM)

AUGUST 14: Refund Deadline (Session C)

SEPTEMBER 11: Grading Basis Change Deadline (Session C)

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