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Welcome to UCLA Summer Sessions! We are excited to have you join us this year for an exceptional and invigorating educational experience.

Important Note: UCLA has decided to transition all summer courses to remote learning for summer 2021. For more information, visit our Updates and Alerts page.

2021 Session Schedule For Summer Courses

UCLA Summer Sessions offers students the chance to select between nine different session dates, each full of academic opportunities for you to make progress toward graduation. Each Session has a letter and a number. The letter indicates the start date: A (June 21), B (July 12), and C (August 2). The number indicates the length of the course in weeks.

Below are the 2021 session dates.

A3: June 21 - July 9
A6: June 21 - July 30
A8: June 21 - August 13
A10: June 21 - August 27

B3: July 12 - July 30

C3: August 2 - August 20
C6: August 2 - September 10


High school students can choose up to two courses from the Approved List of Courses.

Course Selections

As a high school student, course enrollment will be limited to those courses that have been approved for high school student participation.

These courses are UCLA college courses and will be taken among current college students. Before enrolling, you should feel confident in your ability to successfully complete coursework at a college level.

For a list of courses that have been approved for high school students, please visit the High School Pre-Approved Course List page.


Some courses may require you to have taken specific courses or fulfilled certain requirements as listed on the Schedule of Classes. If you have had experience comparable to the listed requisite and the course is listed on the high school approved course enrollment list, you may enroll.


How to Register

Whether you are new or returning to UCLA Summer Sessions, enrollment in summer courses can be completed in three easy steps:

  1. Complete our ACADEMIC COURSE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM starting February 15.
  2. Submit online payment of the $350 registration fee.
  3. Use your University Identification (UID) number, emailed after successful payment of the registration fee, to create your MyUCLA account* to proceed with enrollment. Please keep a secure record of your UCLA Logon information.

All steps must be completed in the exact order provided above.

Registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid in full. Those who are not prepared to pay can submit their registration form and access the existing registration at another time to make payment of the registration fee.

The registration fee is nonrefundable at all times.

For additional information about refund policies, please refer to FEES AND PAYMENT in the left menu bar.

MyUCLA will be used for enrollment, bill paying, viewing grades, and using other services. Please keep a secure record of your UCLA logon information.

*Returning students do not need to create a new MyUCLA account. Simply log in to your existing account once steps 1-2 are completed. Be sure to update your address, e-mail, and phone number, if necessary.

Adding Courses

How to Enroll in Summer Courses

Visiting summer-only students may add courses starting February 15 through Friday of Week 1 (4PM PDT) of the course's session.

Enrollment Instructions

  1. Do not proceed with the enrollment steps below until AFTER completing all steps in the “Registration” section above first.
  2. Visit MyUCLA and sign-in with your Logon and password
  3. On the main menu, select "Classes," then "Find a Class and Enroll"
  4. Make sure "Summer 2021" is selected. Search for classes using the "Subject Area" or the "Advanced Search." Once you successfully enter your search parameters, select “Go”
  5. Enable your enrollment by selecting all the terms and conditions, and clicking "Enable Enrollment." If you’ve already enabled enrollment, skip to step 5
  6. Check the box for your desired course. If course has a section, please select a discussion as well. Select “Enroll” to verify enrollment

For a tutorial on enrolling, please click here.

Late Adds

The deadline to enroll is Friday of Week 1 (4PM PDT) of the course.

Students may enroll after the deadline if they have consent or permission from the course instructor. You may enroll after the deadline one of two ways:

  • Enroll on MyUCLA using a Permission to Enroll (PTE) number (Prior to the end of Week 2 ONLY); OR
  • Submit a Student Update Form (PDF) with either an authorized signature from the instructor or a PTE number provided on the form. The form may be submitted to 1331 Murphy Hall or emailed to

Note: A late fee of $50 will be assessed for each course added after Friday of second week. No late fees are assessed if a student is re-adding a class that was previously dropped or switching sections of the same class.


If the course you wish to take reaches capacity, you may add yourself to the waitlist, if available.

In the event that you are not automatically enrolled in a course from the waitlist by 5 PM, Friday of Week 1 of the course's session , you will be dropped from the waitlist and the course fees refunded. If it is the only course you are enrolled in, you will receive a full refund and will not be subject to the processing fee.

Students can resolve their waitlist status prior to the end of Week 1 by:

  • Enrolling through MyUCLA using a Permission to Enroll (PTE) number*, which can be obtained from the instructor or the course home department;
  • Presenting a Student Update Form with a PTE* number to the Summer Sessions office, 1331 Murphy Hall; or
  • Exchanging the waitlisted course for another course prior to the end of the first week of the session.

Students may verify their enrollment status in a particular course by viewing their Studylist using MyUCLA.

*Permission to Enroll (PTE) numbers are limited and are only given at the instructor's discretion.

Dropping Courses

IMPORTANT - The refund deadline and the drop deadline is not the same for most summer courses. Therefore, it is possible to drop a course and still be held liable for the full cost of the class. Please refer to FEES AND PAYMENT in the left menu bar for Summer Sessions refund policies before dropping any course.

Dropping Impacted Courses

Students may drop any impacted course until 5PM (PDT) on the following deadlines:

SESSION Drop Deadline (With a Refund)
Session A3 June 25
Session A6 June 25
Session A8 June 25
Session A9 June 25
Session A10 June 25
Session B3 July 16
Session C3 August 6
Session C6 August 6


After Friday of Week 1 of the course, dropping an impacted course is by approval only in accordance with the Impacted Course Drop Policy. As requests are rarely granted only under extenuating circumstances, students who wish to drop an impacted course past the Week 1 deadline should consult the course instructor and explore other academic options. If after exploring other options, a visiting student still wishes to proceed with dropping the course, the student may submit a Summer Drop Request Form (PDF) to the UCLA Summer Sessions Office ( to petition the course be dropped.

Dropping Non-Impacted Courses

Students may drop any non-impacted course until 5PM (PDT) on the following deadlines if the final was not attempted or submitted:

SESSION Refund Deadline
MyUCLA Drop Deadline* Drop via Form Deadline*
Session A3 June 25 July 2 July 9
Session A6 July 2 July 16 July 30
Session A8 July 2 July 30 August 13
Session A9 July 2 August 6 August 20
Session A10 July 2 August 13 August 27
Session B3 July 16 July 23 July 30
Session C3 August 6 August 13 August 20
Session C6 August 13 August 27 September 10
*Fees are no longer refundable if dropped after the refund deadline.



Any course not indicated on the Impacted Course List is considered non-impacted and subject to the drop procedures below:

  • MyUCLA Drop Instructions: Sign-in to MyUCLA, select "Classes", then "Drop a Class" and proceed with the course cancellation.
  • Summer Drop Request Form Instructions: Submit a Summer Drop Request Form (PDF) along with verification the final was not attempted or submitted to

If a non-impacted course is confirmed as dropped prior to 5PM (PDT) of the last day of the course's session, there will be no transcript notation.
















A3: June 21 - July 9
A6: June 21 - July 30
A8: June 21 - Aug 13
A10: June 21 - Aug 27

B3: July 12 - July 30

C3: Aug 2 - Aug 20
C6: Aug 2 - Sept 10

Important Dates

JANUARY 11: Schedule of Classes Available

FEBRUARY 15 - APRIL 1: Summer Scholars Support for California High School Students Application Period

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MAY 2: Summer Programs at UCLA for High School Students

MAY 14: Full Payment Due if enrollment before 5PM, May 14

JUNE 16-16: Summer Courses (High School Students) - Orientation

JUNE 18: Full Payment Due if enrolled May 15 (5PM) – June 18 (5PM)

JUNE 21: First Day of Session A

JUNE 25: Refund Deadline - Session A3 (all courses)

JUNE 25: Refund Deadline - Session A6, A8, A9, & A10 (impacted courses only)

JULY 2: Refund Deadline - Session A6, A8, A9, & A10 (non-impacted courses only)

JULY 12: First Day of Session B

JULY 16: Refund Deadline (Session B)

JULY 30: Full Payment Deadline: Session C only if enrolled June 19 (5PM) – July 31 (5PM)

AUGUST 2: First Day of Session C

AUGUST 6: Impacted Course Refund Deadline (Session C6)

AUGUST 6: Refund Deadline - Session C3 (all courses)

UCLA Summer Sessions 2021 will be remote. Learn More.