Technology Leadership Summer Institute


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During the summer, matriculated UCLA students and visiting students alike are members of our diverse and inclusive True Bruin community. For more information on the student code of conduct, please visit the Dean of Students' website.


The Easton Technology Management Center at the UCLA Anderson School of Management presents an innovative summer program to students interested in pursuing a career as a manager, a leader, or an entrepreneur in sectors such as high-tech, finance, healthcare, entertainment/media, manufacturing, and others, where technology plays a key role in everyday business functioning.

This 6-week intensive program explores the many vital areas of technology leadership including innovation and product development, data management and data analytics, as well as leadership through communications. The program is open to all majors.

All students will gain hands-on experience by working on a team-based project to develop a new product from ideation to management. Students will also gain a better sense of what it is like have a technology role through company visits, speaker series, and panels. / / Students will select one of two tracks based on their background or interest.



Track 1 – Leadership Through Communication

Students will strengthen their leadership skills through learning about a spectrum of communication tools ranging from creating presentations to persuasion and sales. Students will participate in ongoing presentations, role playing, and team exercises that will prepare them to take on leadership positions in technology.

This track aims to strengthen all students' leadership skills through effective communication, regardless of their academic backgrounds. This class will help students develop communication skills across a variety of oral and written platforms, instill confidence in future entrepreneurial and business leaders, and foster deeper connections among students.


Track 2 – Data Management and Analytics, Big and Small Data

This course overviews two major components of dealing with data: integration + management and analytics. Students will learn how to make sound business decisions through managing and analyzing Big and Small Data through the use of SQL Server.

This track explores data management – through databases, SQL and analytics. In order to become a successful business manager and entrepreneur, interpreting data and understanding how to analyze data will help students work in larger number of technology roles in various sectors.

What the program offers:

  • Team-based Product Development Project where students will work in teams under the guidance of the instructor and prepare to present the project to a group of invited guests such as UCLA Anderson’s current MBA and PhD students, faculty, industry professionals, and instructors for a comprehensive feedback.
  • Company Visits to local companies and startups where students will discover many different aspects of business in the technology sector.
  • Industry Speaker Series with high-profile industry leaders and professionals.
  • Networking Opportunities with industry professionals and graduate students.
  • Panels with current MBA students for an insight of their experiences in business school and career goals.
  • Courses taught using up-to-date case studies from Harvard Business School to discuss all the current issues in the market.



This program is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and working professionals over the age of 18. This program is first-come, first-served.

Registration is conveniently done online here starting February 15, 2017.

In order to guarantee a spot in the program, a valid payment of the non-refundable deposit ($400 for international students; $150 for all others) is required if registering prior to the May 1 payment deadline. After the payment deadline, a full payment of all fees including the non-refundable deposit but excluding any applicable document and IEI fees is required for registration.

Registration is not complete until the required payment is made. Those who are not prepared to pay can submit their registration form and retrieve registration at another time to make payment.

This deposit is not refundable under any circumstances including, but not limited to, drop for non-payment and withdrawal, even if you withdraw from the program before it begins. If you withdraw, this deposit will appear as processing fee charge on your BruinBill account. If the program is full, you will not be prompted to make payment. When your application is accepted from the wait list, you will be notified by email with instructions for methods of payment.

If applicable, the document and IEI fees must be paid on MyUCLA after registration. For more information, please refer to FEES AND PAYMENT in the left column.

Already submitted the registration form but need to make a change or complete registration? You can easily do so by retrieving your registration. You will need your five-digit registration number that was sent to your email address.

Changes that can be updated or made using the retrieve form include:

  • Paying non-refundable deposit
  • Uploading required documents
  • Dropping a current program

If you would like to switch into a different program or add additional programs, please contact our office at with your five-digit registration number, the students first and last name, and a description of the change you are requesting.

Program Dates

JUNE 26 - AUGUST 4, 2017

Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15: Summer Institutes Registration Opens

MARCH 2: FAFSA Deadline for UCLA Students

APRIL 1-30: UCLA Summer Financial Aid Application for Current UCLA Students Available

MAY 1: Full Payment via MyUCLA due for All College/Professional Summer Institutes

MAY 1: I-20 Request Submission Deadline for Session A

JUNE 1: I-20 Request Submission Deadline for Session C

JUNE 1: Refund Deadline for All College/Professional Summer Institutes

JUNE 23: iStart Orientation Deadline (Session A) - International Students ONLY

JUNE 26 - AUGUST 4: Technology Leadership Summer Institute

JULY 4: Independence Day