Summer Intensive Studies (SIS) provide a unique opportunity to complete a 10-week course in just three weeks or a three-quarter long series in just nine weeks. SIS courses will be offered the following dates in Summer 2020.

All SIS Courses

JUNE 22 – JULY 10
JULY 13 – JULY 31
AN N EA 120A:
Elementary Ancient Egyptian
AN N EA 120B:
Elementary Ancient Egyptian
AN N EA 120C:
Elementary Ancient Egyptian
Elementary Standard Arabic
Elementary Standard Arabic
Elementary Standard Arabic
General Chemistry for Life Scientists I
General Chemistry for Life Scientists II
Structure of Organic Molecules
Organic Chemistry I – Structure and Reactivity
Organic Chemistry II: Reactivity, Synthesis, and Spectroscopy
Organic Chemistry III: Reactivity, Synthesis, and Biomolecules
CHEM 153A:
Biochemistry – Introduction to Structure, Enzymes, and Metabolism
CHEM 153C:
Biochemistry – Biosynthetic and Energy Metabolism and Its Regulation
CHEM 153B:
Biochemistry – DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
Elementary Modern Chinese
Elementary Modern Chinese
Elementary Modern Chinese
Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers
Learning American English and Culture from Movies
COMM 148:
Integrated Marketing Communications
Principles of Economics
Principles of Economics
ECON 106F:
ESL 20:
Conversation and Fluency
ESL 22:
Public Speaking
ESL 23:
American Culture through Film
ESL 25:
Academic Reading and Writing
ESL 28:
English through Language, Culture, and Society
Elementary Modern Japanese
Elementary Modern Japanese
Elementary Modern Japanese
Elementary Modern Korean
Elementary Modern Korean
Elementary Modern Korean
Cell and Molecular Biology
Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology
Physiology and Human Biology
Introduction to American Politics
Introductory Psychology
Introductory Sociology

Course Restrictions


Please read the course description before enrolling in any Intensive Studies course to ensure that you have fulfilled the requisite(s).

For UCLA students, MyUCLA will automatically check to see if the enforced requisites have been met. Students wishing to complete more than one Summer Intensive Studies course may complete a Student Update Form and email the form to to enroll.

For all other students, if you have had experience comparable to the listed requisite, you may enroll. Transcripts or proof of completion of a requisite course is not required for visiting Summer Sessions students.

Unit Maximum

College of Letters and Science students, graduate students, and visiting non-UCLA students may take a maximum of 18 units per summer. All other UCLA students may take a maximum of 16 units.

If you wish to exceed your study load limit, you must obtain approval from your respective school or college.

Adding Intensive Studies Courses

UCLA Students

UCLA students can enroll in a Summer Intensive Studies course online via MyUCLA using the Class Planner or Find a Class and Enroll function. Submission of a deposit payment is not required for UCLA students. However, the processing fee of $150 will be assessed if all summer courses are dropped regardless of whether instruction has begun.

Please contact UCLA Summer Sessions at should you experience any issues with enrollment.

Visiting Students

Whether new or returning to UCLA Summer Sessions, all visiting students including other UC students must complete our Academic Course Registration first in order to enroll in Summer Intensive Studies courses.

Once you have submitted the online registration form and the $150 nonrefundable deposit , an email will be sent to you with your UCLA ID number. Please note that even if you already have a UCLA ID and logon, you will not have access to MyUCLA summer enrollment options unless your registration is complete.

Registration is not complete until the deposit is paid in full. Those who are not prepared to pay can submit their registration form and access their existing registration at another time to make the deposit.

This deposit is nonrefundable even if you drop all courses before they begin. For additional information about refund policies, please refer to FEES AND PAYMENT in the left menu bar.

You will use your UCLA ID number to obtain a UCLA logon via MyUCLA. If you already have a UCLA logon, you do not need to create a new logon. Simply log in to your pre-existing account. Be sure to update your address, e-mail, and phone number if necessary.

Dropping Intensive Studies Courses

Important: Before dropping or attempting to drop any Intensive Studies course, please read and understand the following summer policies.

  • If you drop a Summer Intensive Studies course after the refund deadline, you will be held liable for the full cost of the class. Please refer to the refund policies and deadlines before dropping.
  • A course may NOT be dropped or removed from your record if you make any attempt to take the final examination.
  • The drop procedure is dependent on whether or not the course is impacted. Impacted courses are subject to stricter drop policies.

Non-Impacted Intensive Studies Courses

Non-impacted SIS courses are subject to the drop procedures below:

  • Before the final week of the course: Sign-in to MyUCLA, select "Classes," then "Drop a Class" and proceed with the course cancellation.
  • Final week of the course: Submit a Student Update Form with the instructor's signature provided on the form to 1331 Murphy Hall during regular business hours or via email (

Impacted Intensive Studies Courses

Impacted SIS courses are subject to the drop procedures below:

Fees and Payment


The fee for a summer course is calculated based on the unit value the course carries and your student status. In addition to the course fee, students are assessed other campus and administrative fees during the summer. Below is a summary of fees that may apply.

Note: All fees are subject to change without prior notice.


Course Fees

2020 Unit Fee $279 per unit (UC Undergrad) | $349 per unit (UC Graduate Student) | $360 per unit (all others)
IEI Fee $61 per summer (students without a bachelor's degree)
Document Fee

Document fee covers a lifetime supply of official transcripts mailed by USPS first class mail. Summer-only visiting students, except visiting UC students, will be assessed a one-time document fee during their first summer term; returning summer-only students will not be subject to the document fee. For more information, please click here.

$50 assessed only for the first summer term at UCLA
Late Add Fee

A non-refundable late fee of $50 will be assessed for each course added after Friday of second week of the session. No late fees are assessed if a student is re-adding a class that was dropped, switching sections of the same class, or adding any 99, 195-199, 596-599 courses.

$50 per class added after second week


Registration and Campus Fees

UCLA Students $130.70 (Undergraduate) | $66(Graduate)
Visiting UC Students $150
Non-UC Students (Domestic) $350
Non-UC Students (International) $400


Additional Visa-Related Fees for Visiting International Student

International Student Service Fee $400
Health Insurance $384
iStart Fee $59

Financial Aid

UCLA financial aid is available only to qualified UCLA students, including newly admitted UCLA students beginning in the fall 2020.

All visiting students, including other UC students , should check with their home institution regarding financial aid options.

All registered Summer Sessions students assume full responsibility for all fees regardless of their financial aid status and are held to the UCLA Summer Sessions payment deadlines.

Other University of California campuses may offer financial aid for Summer Study at UCLA. If you are a current UC student, please check with your home financial aid office.

UC Financial Aid Offices

Payment Deadline

Note: All deadlines are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Please take the time zone into consideration when making arrangements to process your payment.

Student Type Payment Deadline
Visiting Non-UC Students: May 15 (5PM)
UC Students: June 19 (5PM)

*If enrolling after the payment deadline, please consult with UCLA Summer Sessions ( to determine the next payment deadline. These payment deadlines may be extended only for UC students who are identified by their respective UC financial aid office as summer financial aid recipients. No exception requests by individual UC students will be accepted regardless of their UC summer financial aid status. Those who are granted exception will be notified of the extended payment deadline.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

2020 Refund Deadlines for Summer Intensive Studies

Intensive Studies Session Dates Refund Deadline
June 22 – July 10 5PM, June 26
July 13 – July 31 5PM, July 17
August 3 – August 21 5PM, August 7

Refund Policy

UCLA students are not required to pay a deposit prior to summer enrollment. However, a processing fee of $150 will be assessed if all summer courses are dropped at any point in time, regardless of whether instruction has begun. This processing fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Excluding the processing fee, the following fees are refundable only if the course is dropped before the course's refund deadline (specified above):

  • Course fee
  • Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IE) fee
  • Material use fee(s)
  • Campus- based fees (if all courses dropped)
  • Document fee (if all courses dropped)

These fees are 100% NON-refundable if dropped after the refund deadline, and you will be financially liable for any courses you are enrolled in past the refund deadline.


Those interested in applying may find more information on the UCLA Housing Services website.