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A female student in an art studio holds a paintbrush to a painting of three women.

Hone your skills in your preferred artistic medium

Study at the world-renowned UCLA Department of Art this summer! The Summer Art Institute is designed for talented and highly motivated high school students. The program offers two sessions, one in-person and one virtual, with various specializations to choose from and is structured around a combination of daily, focused studio work, artist lectures, group critiques, and one-on-one meetings with faculty. Students may enroll in one or both sessions. Students should expect an intensive two weeks of immersive studio instruction and be prepared to work hard.

Specialized Tracks include:

  • Drawing – Sessions A & B
  • Painting – Sessions A & B
  • Photography – Sessions A & B
  • Sculpture – Session A only (in-person)
  • Video Art & Experimental Animation – Session B only (virtual)
  • NEW! Painting – International Time Zone, Session B only (virtual)

About the Art Department

Headed by a faculty of internationally recognized artists, the Department of Art is committed to artistic development and study within the context of a major research university. As working artists, the faculty represents many approaches to making and interpreting artworks. Students are provided the curriculum to experiment and are challenged to express themselves in ways that are meaningful in the social context in which they live. For information about the UCLA Department of Art, please visit the department website or contact

Fees and Payment Info

The program fee includes the unit fees for the UCLA coursework offered as part of the program and thus varies by UC student status. In addition to the program fee, students are assessed other campus and administrative fees during the summer. This is a summary of fees that commonly apply to the selected student type.

Actual tuition and fees are subject to change by the University of California. Visit the fees, payment, and financial aid section for important disclaimer, as well as more details on fees, payment instructions, and information on delinquency, refunds, and financial aid.

The program fee listed in the selection are for the In-Person version only. The following are the program fees for the Virtual version.

  • High School Student = $2,290
  • Incoming UCLA Student = $2,047
  • Incoming UC Student = $2,047

All other fees listed will remain the same for the Virtual version.

Program Fee
Registration Fee
Document Fee (for first-time Summer Sessions students)
Total Estimated Fees:
* Fees only apply for certain student types