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We are thrilled to have you join us this summer through your Precollege Summer Institute to help you achieve your academic goals! Our welcoming faculty, diverse students, and beautiful campus all make UCLA one of the best universities in the world and a wonderful place to call your home as a Summer Bruin.

Please see below for important information to review before the summer begins.

Rest assured that our dedicated staff stands ready to assist you with questions; you can reach us at

All deadlines, unless otherwise stated, are at 5PM Pacific Time.

Campus Policies

We are committed to offering all participants an educational experience of the highest quality and maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment. With that in mind, please recognize that UCLA Precollege Summer Institutes are NOT youth summer camps. Instead, our programs are intended for highly motivated, mature high school students ready for college-level experiences. Students should be capable of making their own decisions and conducting themselves in a manner of respect for themselves, their fellow participants, UCLA’s faculty and staff members, program administrators, and the local community. We expect Summer Institute students to manage themselves with a high level of independence and self-sufficiency.

UCLA Bruins commit themselves to the highest ethical standards. Integrity, excellence, accountability, respect, and service are the founding principles of the “True Bruin” code. As you enter the UCLA community as a summer Bruin, learn the values of a True Bruin and show your Bruin Pride.

The Participant Agreement you have completed includes essential information on rules and regulations, attendance, leave and curfew policies, medical responsibility, and protocol, accommodations that you may need for successful participation, among others. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with all parts of the Participant Agreement before starting your program. A breach of the Participant Agreement may result in the following actions: dismissal from your program and administrative action against your status in the University.

Participants must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Regents of the University of California, on behalf of UCLA, including the rules and regulations of UCLA Summer Sessions and the UCLA Student Code of Conduct. Participants will be expected to meet the highest standards both academically and behaviorally, and will be held to a commitment to academic and personal integrity; respect for all members of the community and teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other university activities; regard for the basic rules of physical safety; and compliance with directions of university or other public officials.

Additionally, Summer Sessions has a “Zero Tolerance” policy regarding alcohol, illegal drugs (including manufacture, distribution, use, possession, or sale thereof, or the attempted manufacture, distribution, or sale thereof), theft, lewd or indecent behavior, sexual, racial or personal harassment or intolerance, or use of unauthorized transportation. UCLA is a smoke-free campus; therefore, the use of any Tobacco Product as defined in UCLA Policy 810, including smoking, chewing, spitting, inhaling, ingesting, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated Tobacco Product is prohibited on any University Owned or Leased Property.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with us confidentially, you may contact us at Otherwise, you can reach us at

*Please note that while both UCLA and non-UCLA students are subject to the same code of conduct policies, different conduct procedures may apply to non-UCLA students

Program Changes

To make Summer Institute registration and enrollment changes (i.e., adding, switching, or dropping programs), you must access your existing registration. You will not have access to make registration and enrollment changes on MyUCLA.

To access your existing registration, use the five-digit registration number emailed to you upon initial submission of the registration form. If you can’t locate your registration number, please contact us at with your full legal name, date of birth, and the name of your program.

However, contact information (i.e., email address, mailing address, phone number) cannot be updated by accessing your registration. These updates must be completed on MyUCLA.

You may add or switch programs through the first day of instruction. To do so, you must be eligible, space must be available, and you must be accepted if it is an admission-based program. You may not add an additional program that overlaps session dates with your existing program.

To add a new program or switch your program, access your existing registration with the 5-digit registration number provided in the email you received after registering. Once you see your registration, select “Add Program” or “Switch My Program” on the left side.

Adding Self to a Program Waitlist

If the program you wish to take is at capacity, you may add yourself to the waitlist, if available. Waitlisted students are not required to submit payment unless a space becomes available. If a space becomes available, you will be emailed with instructions to pay the $350 registration fee to reserve your space in the program within a 24-hour window.

Suppose you wish to drop your program and have not completed the final requirements (e.g., final exam, paper, or project). In that case, you may drop through the last day of instruction by accessing your registration and selecting “Cancel My Registration.” NOTE: The $350 registration fee is non-refundable at all times. Additionally, if the program is dropped after the refund deadline, the total cost will no longer be refundable.

Fees and Payment

Summer fees vary by program and are viewable in the “Fees” section of your program page. You may also view the associate program fees using the Fee Calculator. You may view and pay your summer charges on your BruinBill account via MyUCLA under the “Finances and Jobs” tab.

Adding an additional program or switching programs may change your summer balance. Please review your BruinBill account on MyUCLA after every enrollment transaction.

Please note that fees are not assessed via MyUCLA BruinBill until mid-March, and it may take 2-3 business days for fees to appear.

The $350 registration fee is assessed per each Summer Institute program, is required to enroll officially, and applies towards your summer balance within 48 hours (do not pay the registration fee twice for an individual program).

Additional summer fees, including the program fee, IEI fee, document fee, and housing fee (if applicable), will be charged via BruinBill after enrollment.

Program Fees are due May 1 (5PM PDT).

If enrolling after May 1, payment is due immediately. Please take the time and time zone (PDT) into account when arranging payment. Failure to submit payment by the deadline may result in canceling your registration.

The Refund Deadline is June 15 (5PM PDT)

The $350 registration fee is non-refundable at all times. All other program-based fees are refundable through 5PM (PDT), June 15.

After the refund deadline, no fees are refundable. Students will be held liable to pay any remaining balance if enrolled at any point after the refund deadline.

If you drop before the refund deadline, any resulting credit you may have will be issued back to you in one of the following ways:

  • BruinDirect: BruinDirect is the fastest way to get any refund by direct deposit into a U.S. checking or savings account. It’s convenient, free, and automatic. You can sign up online on BruinBill.
  • Credit Card: Payments made with a credit card will be returned to the credit card that made the original payment.
  • Check Refund: If payment is made using a method other than credit card and if not signed up for BruinDirect, a refund will be issued as a paper check and mailed to the mailing address on file.

Acceptable payment methods online using MyUCLA include:

  • Credit card*
  • Electronic check (e-check)
  • Foreign payment, such as Travelex

*All credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% non-refundable service charge per transaction. This charge is assessed by Higher One, Inc. and may not be refunded under any circumstances. No service fees are applied to e-check payments.

MyUCLA, Credit, and Transcripts

MyUCLA is our university’s online student portal where you can:

  • Review your balance and make payments via BruinBill
  • View your final grades and GPA
  • Order academic and/or verification transcripts
  • Update contact information, including your email and address

Please note:

  • The Summer Sessions system automatically enrolls you in the course(s) included in your Summer Institute upon the initial payment during registration. You do not need to add the course credit for your program via MyUCLA.
  • To make Summer Institute enrollment changes, you must access your existing registration.
  • If you enroll in any summer courses via MyUCLA, those courses will be in addition to your Summer Institute enrollment, resulting in an additional fee assessment.

Per the Participant Agreement, UCLA Summer Sessions may share information on your participation in the program, including, but not limited to, enrollment, performance, disciplinary action, and payment, with all parents/guardians and emergency contacts provided during registration through the last day of the summer term. However, if you wish anyone else to access your information or make payment on your behalf via MyUCLA, you must authorize them third-party access.

To set up access, the third party must create their own separate UCLA Logon and password at and share their UCLA Logon with you. You can then log on to MyUCLA and select which MyUCLA features the third party can view or access.

Once you grant access, the third party can log on to MyUCLA as if they were a student, but they will only see the functions to which they have been given access. You may revoke access or change access features at any time. For more detailed instructions, watch the MyUCLA Tutorial: Third Party Access.

You may view your program’s UCLA college course credit on the “Curriculum” section of the program page. UCLA courses are generally accepted for transfer credit at most universities and colleges, but all decisions on transferability rest with the receiving institution (i.e., the high school, university, or college to which you plan to transfer the UCLA credit). Please get advance approval from the receiving institution before registration if you wish to transfer your UCLA Summer Sessions credit. It is your responsibility to verify whether the credit earned from the program can transfer to your desired institution. UCLA credit is transferrable to any University of California (UC) campus.

UCLA is on the quarter system. As a general guide, a semester unit is worth approximately 1.5 quarter units (e.g., 4 quarter units = 2.5 semester units).

Most programs award credit as either Pass/No Pass (P/NP) or letter grade. Some programs offer an optional grading basis with varying deadlines. If your program offers an optional grading basis, you may request it with the email on your program page before the specified deadline.

Most programs award credit as either Pass/No Pass (P/NP) or letter grade. Select programs offer an optional grading basis which is viewable on the program page under the “Curriculum” section. If this applies to your program and you wish to change the grading basis, you may request it via email before the specified deadline.

A UCLA official academic transcript is a permanent record that reflects all undergraduate and graduate work completed at UCLA. Transcripts can be ordered online through MyUCLA or by mail.

You can order an official transcript once grades are posted ten days after the last day of the session by logging on to MyUCLA, clicking the “Classes” tab, then selecting “Grades and Transcripts.” Please visit the UCLA Registrar’s Office website to learn more about ordering a transcript.

Curfew and Leave Requests

In accordance with the Program Participant Agreement, participants must abide by the evening curfew of 11:00 PM, which is to ensure sufficient rest for successful participation in the program’s activities, and must sleep in the assigned room each evening. Curfew violations without prior approval may result in disciplinary actions.

A parent/guardian may use a Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form (see below) to request an exception to the evening curfew. Approval will not be granted if forms are incomplete or submitted by someone other than the student’s parent/guardian. After receiving the request, the residential staff will contact the parent/guardian for verification purposes.

Students may be absent from the program’s required activities due to medical reasons, emergencies, or personal reasons. However, absences may affect successful performance, and full participation in program activities is essential to your success in the program. Any foreseeable absence from a mandatory activity must receive prior approval via the Leave and Curfew Exception Request Form (see below).



Housing and Dining (Mandatory Housing Programs Only)

Overhead shot of students studying.

The university offers fully furnished residence halls and suites within easy walking distance of classrooms, libraries, and recreational facilities for summer high school students enrolled in Precollege Summer Institutes with mandatory housing. To learn more about campus living, take the virtual tour of the residential halls and watch our UCLA housing. videos.

If you are enrolled in a Precollege Summer Institute with mandatory housing, you will automatically be included in housing arrangements and do not need to add it manually. Housing fees should be available to pay on BruinBill and are due by the payment deadline of May 1. Students in programs without mandatory housing who wish to stay on campus should contact UCLA Housing for more information.

Many students find living on campus to be a convenient and enjoyable option during Summer Sessions. To learn more about campus living, take the virtual tour of the residential halls and watch our UCLA housing videos.

Please see below for housing details depending on program type:

  • If you are enrolled in a Precollege Summer Institute with mandatory housing, you will automatically be included in housing arrangements and do not need to add it manually. Housing fees should be available to pay on BruinBill and are due by the payment deadline of May 1.
  • If your Precollege Summer Institute is a commuter program and you wish to stay on campus, you must contact UCLA Housing for more information.

All students that purchase the residential plan will reside in a residence hall with following amenities:

  • Triple occupancy rooms that are furnished, air-conditioned, and have internet access
  • 24-hour front desk service and a secure facility entrance
  • Access to world class recreation facilities
  • Laundry facilities and a lounge located in each building
  • Internet access
  • Gender-specific shared bathrooms on each side of the hall; gender inclusive bathrooms on every other floor
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • One wardrobe, closet, or dresser drawer per student
  • One desk per student
  • Essential bedding: flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow, and blanket

The residential plan includes breakfast (7AM-9AM) and dinner (5PM-8PM), which are provided in the UCLA dining halls, recognized nationally for excellent cuisine. Most food allergies, intolerances, and diets can be accommodated in the dining halls. For more information, visit the UCLA Dining Services website.

Please note that lunch is not included in the cost of the residential plan. Participants may purchase lunch at any of the eating establishments on campus. In any direction you walk on campus, you will find a place to grab lunch. Check out the eating establishments on campus on the ASUCLA website.

For students will dietary restrictions or food allergies, please contact the UCLA Registered Dietitian (RD) at or 310-206-3193 (Office) / 424-535-4286 (Mobile)

Suggested items to bring:

  • Bathrobe, towel, washcloth, and toiletries
  • A plastic caddy or bag for carrying shower items
  • Swimsuit and a beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hangers (if desired)
  • Sandals and comfortable shoes
  • Notebook, pens/pencils
  • Water Bottle
  • Extra pillows or blankets (Twin XL sheets, blanket, and pillow are provided)
  • Sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket
  • Any necessary medication

Before packing, please refer to your specific program page as some programs require or suggest clothing or other items for program activities.

If you choose to bring an electronic device(s), we strongly recommend documenting the serial number to prove ownership in the event of a lost and recovered device. Your sole responsibility is to keep track of all your belongings; we are not responsible for lost items. We do not recommend bringing expensive jewelry or irreplaceable items.

For Precollege Summer Institutes with mandatory housing, please reach out to the program contact from the department of your specific program.

We do not allow for early arrivals for residential check-in, therefore we recommend exploring the campus or Westwood until the official check-in time. If you need to leave earlier before check-out time, you may do so as long as all mandatory programming and final requirements have been completed.

Summer Institute attendance for academic programming, co-curricular events, and team-building extracurricular activities, unless otherwise specified, is mandatory. You must participate in and be punctual to all required activities, including, but not limited to, orientations, classes, group meetings, and excursions. No make-up activities will be provided.

Program faculty and administrators reserve the right to dismiss a participant for repeated tardiness to and/or unauthorized absences from required activities for reasons other than unforeseen emergencies; program fees will not be refundable in the event of dismissal. Parents/guardians should consult the program administrators concerning any foreseeable absence as soon as possible.

Outside of the academic program schedule, participants may plan their time and travel on- or off-campus independently so long as they abide by the Participant Agreement and are back by 11PM curfew check.

Early arrivals for residential check-in or late departures for check-out cannot be accommodated. If you need to leave earlier before check-out time, you may do so as long as all mandatory programming and final requirements have been completed.

If you are attending back-to-back Precollege Summer Institutes, you may submit a Stayover Request for the night in between institutes to; the deadline to submit this request is June 15.

Students will be assigned roommates based on age and gender and will be notified of the roommate assignment during check-in. In order to better foster a learning community that exposes students to a broader network of peers, we do not accommodate any specific roommate assignment request.

UCLA Precollege Summer Institutes are NOT youth summer camps. Rather, UCLA Precollege Summer programming is intended for highly motivated, mature high school students who are ready for college-level experiences and capable of making their own decisions, as well as accepting the consequences for those decisions. Participants are expected to manage themselves with a high level of independence and self-sufficiency comparable to matriculated UCLA students.

Outside of the program schedule, participants may plan their time and travel on- or off-campus independently or choose to participate in evening or weekend programming activities offered by the residential supervision team so long as they abide by the terms of the Participant Agreement.

Residential Supervision:

A skilled team of UCLA undergraduate students and fulltime staff will be assigned to residential participants and will reside locally in the residence halls. All staff have undergone an extensive background check and training. Their duties include:

  • Enforcing evening curfews and performing morning roll calls
  • Coordinating and facilitating optional evening and weekend activities (see Residential Activities section)
  • Responding to incidents and emergencies in a timely manner

Many of our precollege programs with mandatory housing (only) also feature non-curricular evening and weekend activities, the availability of which is at the sole discretion of the academic department offering the program, and are not operated by UCLA Summer Sessions. To learn more about whether (and when) your selected program will host such activities, please consult the schedules for each program or contact the department in question directly.

Outside of the academic program schedule, participants may plan their time and travel on- or off-campus independently or choose to participate in evening or weekend programming activities offered by the residential supervision team so long as they abide by the terms of the Participant Agreement and are back by curfew checks at 11pm.


Disclosure of information regarding disabilities and requests to be accommodated for the disabilities will allow UCLA to ascertain the reasonableness of such requests. The Center for Accessible Education is the university’s office in charge of addressing possible accommodations.

If you have an existing disability that requires certain accommodations to meet the demands of your program, your parent/guardian must formally request the said accommodations by submitting a complete Request for Accommodations Form and/or the Precollege Housing Accommodations Form to no later than May 15. Please note that earlier requests are more likely to be approved; however, submitting a request does not guarantee accommodation.

No prescription or over-the-counter medication will be available on-site, and neither provision nor administration of any needed prescription or over-the-counter medication will be provided.

UCLA’s expansive campus has many buildings to navigate through and explore. This Interactive Map can be a valuable tool to help you familiarize yourself with the campus. If you prefer to learn on the go, carry a copy with you by printing this handy PDF Version.

We strongly recommend that you obtain a BruinCard. Your first BruinCard is free; the fee for replacing a lost or stolen BruinCard is $25.

You will not need a BruinCard before arrival at UCLA, but we recommend that you get one as another form of ID on campus and to access campus resources. BruinCards can be used as a:

  • Library Card: Use your BruinCard to access computers and books and reserve space for late-night study sessions.
  • Gym Pass: Scan to enter recreational venues and gym facilities, such as the John Wooden Center and Sunset Recreation Center./li>
  • Debit Card: Load your BruinCard with funds to make purchases at any BruinCard merchant, both on campus and in Westwood./li>
  • Laundry Card: Use your BruinCard at all on-campus residential buildings and University Apartments laundry facilities. You never have to worry about collecting quarters again!/li>

You may get a BruinCard:

  • Online on the BruinCard Website beginning June 1st. You will need to upload your ID photo (restrictions apply). Your BruinCard will be ready for pick-up three business days after submitting your application at the BruinCard Center; OR
  • In-person at the BruinCard Center during regular business hours beginning June 1st. A photo will be taken of you, and you will receive your BruinCard the same day. The BruinCard Center at 123 Kerckhoff Hall is open weekdays from 9AM to 4PM.

UCLA Recreation is committed to providing high-quality recreational experiences that benefit the campus community. Recreation provides extensive access to a broad range of recreational activities and services at various facilities across campus. Recreation offers programming which encompasses the competitive, passive, social, cultural, and instructional aspects of recreational activity.  Visit Member Services for details on how to obtain Recreation access.

UCLA Recreation provides extensive access to a broad range of recreational activities and services. You will have access to the John Wooden Center, our main campus gym, which offers a range of sports facilities, including basketball and racquetball courts, a weight room, a rock-climbing wall, and fitness equipment. You will also have access to the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, Drake Stadium Track, and many others.

UCLA strives to offer an environment where individuals of all ages can live, learn, and work safely. The UCLA Police Department (UCPD) provides various crime-prevention and education services and evening escort (310-794-WALK) that operates throughout campus and local living areas. Participants in UCLA Summer Sessions can report safety concerns or any suspicious activities/behavior directly to UCPD at 310-825-1491 at any time. For emergencies of any kind, always call 911 first. A list of safety tips while on campus is available on the UCPD website. For non-emergency medical needs, students may visit the UCLA Ashe Student Health Center during regular hours.

Residential participants will be assigned to residential halls with 24-hour front desk service, surveillance cameras, and key-access entry. In addition, UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services has put together Safety and Emergency information, including safety protocol you should follow.
UCLA has developed the Bruins Safe Online website and the Bruins Safe Mobile App to provide access to campus safety resources and up-to-date information during an incident. Bruins Safe is available for download from the UCLA App Store. Bruin Safe benefits include:

  • Safety notifications: Receive instant notifications and instructions from campus safety when on-campus emergencies occur.
  • Emergency help: contact campus safety staff quickly for assistance in an emergency.
  • Campus safety resources: access all necessary safety resources in one convenient app.

Airport Transportation 

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the closest airport to the UCLA campus (approximately 12 miles away), and there are a variety of options for transportation from LAX to Westwood.

• Shuttle Services
• Super Shuttle
• Fly Away Bus
• Taxis

Please note, UCLA Summer Sessions does not provide airport transportation to campus.

Driving to UCLA

Sunset Boulevard bounds UCLA’s main campus on the north and Le Conte Avenue on the south; the east border is Hilgard Avenue, and the west border is Gayley Avenue. On-campus housing is in the northwest quadrant of campus, often referred to as “the Hill.” You can easily access the on-campus housing facilities by entering Sunset Boulevard at Bellagio Way (north side of campus). To reach Sunset Boulevard, take the 405 freeway and exit at Sunset Boulevard, then head east to Bellagio Way. Other campus entrances near housing are Gayley Avenue/Strathmore Drive and Sunset Boulevard/Westwood Plaza. Please check your building location before heading to UCLA.

Taking the Bus to Campus 

UCLA has several bus stops on or near campus that commuter students may consider.

• Metro: Lines 2/302, 20, 720, 734, and 788 serve campus or transfer from other lines.
• Santa Monica Big Blue Bus: Lines 1, 2, 3M, 8, Rapid 12 go to campus or transfer from other lines.
• Culver City Bus: Line 6 and Rapid 6 bring you directly to campus, or transfer from Lines 1-5 or 7.

Drop-off Locations 

The university has several convenient locations for drop-off and pick-up, including Ackerman turnaround in front of the Luskin Conference Center, Dickson Flagpole, Macgowan Turnaround, and Wyton Drive Turnaround.


We do not recommend bringing a car to campus as short-term parking near the Residence Halls is not guaranteed and can be expensive. Additionally, there are no convenient parking lots near classrooms.

Participants must use campus-approved transportation for all off-campus excursions and events unless otherwise authorized. Participants will not be permitted to use their vehicles during the hours of the program except for personal emergencies. Participants are not allowed to transport other participants without all parents/guardians’ written permission.