UCLA Summer Online Courses



Visa Information

If enrolled in online courses only, excluding hybrid courses that have both online and on-campus components, students who would be otherwise considered as International for Summer Sessions registration purposes are not required to have an F-1 visa since participation in UCLA summer online courses does not entail entry into the U.S. If you wish to add any course of which instruction takes place on-campus, whether partly or entirely, please refer to VISA REQUIREMENTS of the ACADEMIC COURSES: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS or ACADEMIC COURSES: INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS pages.

Living outside the U.S. or being a citizen of a different country doesn't automatically classify a student as international. If you answer no to ALL of the questions below, you are an international student for summer registration purposes and will require an F-1 visa to participate:

  • Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, i.e., a Green Card holder?
  • Are you an international student currently studying in the US and returning to the same school after the summer?
  • Do you intend to enroll only in academic courses that are offered completly online?


International students for Summer Sessions registration purposes may enroll in a minimum of 8 units and a maximum of 20 units per session. Most courses are valued at 4 or 5 units each. We recommend taking 8 to 12 units due to the intensive course format.

Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MARCH 2: FAFSA Deadline for UCLA Students

APRIL 1-30: Financial Aid Application for Current UCLA Students Available

MAY 13-13: Precollege Webinar

JUNE 5: Full Payment Due if enrollment before 5PM, June 5

JUNE 19: Full Payment Due if enrolled June 5 (5PM) – June 19 (5PM)

JUNE 19: Full Payment Due: Enrollment before June 19 (5PM)

JULY 3: Refund Deadline (Session A)

JULY 31: Grading Basis Change Deadline (Session A, 6wk)

JULY 31: Full Payment Deadline: Session C only if enrolled June 19 (5PM) – July 31 (5PM)

AUGUST 14: Refund Deadline (Session C)

SEPTEMBER 11: Grading Basis Change Deadline (Session C)

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