Art Summer Institute

Thank you for visiting the Art Summer Institute Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! Here, you will find answers to questions that students and parents most commonly ask us specifically about this program.

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Can students take different pathways during different sessions and still get college credit?

Students will receive 3 units of UC credit for Art 70 for each session they attend – students enrolled in both sessions A and B will receive a total of 6 units of UCLA credit.

If enrolling in both sessions, please note that some course content will overlap between sections offered in both Session A and Session B. For this reason we recommend that students choose two different sections.


Can students take classes in mediums that they have never worked with before?

Yes! The Art Summer Institute offers undergraduate-level, intro studio art courses. Our courses are designed to accommodate students who are experienced artists, as well as those who are trying a medium for the first time. No experience with the medium is necessary. Our instructors are also skilled at responding to students working at a variety of levels with challenging assignments to help them explore and develop their work.

Is this a program to help students design their portfolio for college applications?

The Art Summer Institute is not a portfolio building program - we find that a concern towards building a portfolio can deter students from taking risks or being experimental and ambitious in their work. However, students in the Art Summer Institute can expect to make a significant number of works during the session, including many portfolio pieces, and will have access to a Department of Art admissions advising session. Students will also have ample opportunity to discuss their portfolios with their instructors throughout the program.

What materials should students have?

All students will need a laptop or desktop with a working webcam and microphone and a reliable internet connection (good enough for Netflix, for example). Headphones are optional but recommended.

Students in Drawing & Painting, Drawing & Sculpture classes will be provided with a list of supplies to order from Blick Artist Materials, or their local art supply store. Students should expect to spend approximately $150-$200 on supplies for these courses. If you have questions about ordering your materials please email

Video Art and Experimental Animation students must also have a smartphone (or other digital video recording device), and a computer for editing their work. Information about any software requirements will be provided to students enrolled in the course.

Photography students must have their own DSLR camera with manual mode, and a computer for editing their images. Information about any software requirements will provided to students enrolled in the course.

For the Photo track, do students need to have their own camera? What quality should the camera be?

Photo students must have their own digital SLR camera with manual mode, memory card, and and access to a computer for editing their images. Students who don’t have Adobe Photoshop will be provided with a software license for the duration of the institute.










Program Dates

JULY 6 - JULY 16, 2021

JULY 19 - JULY 30, 2021

Important Dates

FEBRUARY 15 - APRIL 1: Summer Scholars Support for California High School Students Application Period

FEBRUARY 15: Registration Opens

MAY 1: Payment due in full

JUNE 15: Refund Deadline - Refund Deadline for Summer Institutes

JULY 6-16: Art Summer Institute (Session A)

JULY 19-30: Art Summer Institute (Session B)

UCLA Summer Sessions 2021 will be remote. Learn More.