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Three female students and one male student sit together at a table talking in a classroom, with other students in the background.

Learn how to create an organization or nonprofit and put your knowledge into action

The Startup UCLA: Social Entrepreneurship Summer Institute will introduce students to social entrepreneurship, including starting social enterprises and non-profits. In this hands-on program, students will design their own social good organization. They will learn the basics of starting, building, and running non-profit organizations and social impact businesses.

The program will focus on the creation of new organizations designed to contribute to the greater good. Students who are interested in learning how to start their own organization for social good or leading social impact movements are encouraged to apply!

Fees and Payment Info

The program fee includes the unit fees for the UCLA coursework offered as part of the program and thus varies by UC student status. The program fee also includes the cost of UCLA Housing (for mandatory housing programs). In addition to the program fee, students are assessed other campus and administrative fees during the summer. This is a summary of fees that commonly apply to the selected student type.

Actual tuition and fees are subject to change by the University of California. Visit the fees, payment, and financial aid section for important disclaimer, as well as more details on fees, payment instructions, and information on delinquency, refunds, and financial aid.

The program fees listed in the selection are for the Mandatory Housing version only. The following are the program fees for the Virtual version.

  • High School Student = $1,768
  • Incoming UCLA Student = $1,556
  • Incoming UC Student = $1,556

All other fees listed will remain the same for the Virtual version.

Program Fee
Registration Fee
Document Fee (for first-time Summer Sessions students)
Total Estimated Fees:
* Fees only apply for certain student types

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