remote instruction FAQ - precollege summer institutes


All Precollege Summer Institutes will be offered online, allowing motivated high school students to participate virtually from their homes. You can check this year's up-to-date program lineup on the Precollege Summer Institute page. 

What does remote instruction mean for my Summer Institute program?

The UCLA course(s) in your program will be delivered online. All Summer Institute programs are designed to include activities in addition to the UCLA coursework. Please rest assured that these activities, while offered online, are what make your Summer Institute a unique experience and will still be a guiding force of your program. Details of your program curriculum and schedule (including information on whether the coursework and additional co-curricular activities will be offered at specific times only or recordings will be made available) are found on each program website. If you have questions about your program curriculum in the meantime, you may contact your program directly. 


Can I still come to UCLA campus? What about housing?

Students should not visit campus. To explore our campus online, please take a virtual tour instead. 

Residential plans are not available for Precollege Summer Institutes during remote instruction.


Do I need special equipment to participate remotely?

You will need a laptop or desktop with a working webcam and microphone and a reliable internet connection (good enough for Netflix, for example).

You will be informed if there are additional materials or software necessary for your program that you are expected to prepare on your own.

What kind of software tools are commonly used?

Summer Institutes will meet online, using applications such as Zoom and other program-identified tools. In addition, the program may utilize UCLA's Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE). Please note that you do not need to have a paid Zoom account to participate. 

How is my privacy protected? Can I participate without video?

All faculty, staff, and students must follow the privacy principles. Please review the information on privacy during remote instruction, such as tips for privacy protections, online exams and proctoring, or audio or video recording. 

Summer Institute programs are interactive and engaging, and your program may determine that video participation is essential in order for the program to responsibly provide an excellent education. At the same time, UCLA recognizes that participants’ personal circumstances may lead to a strong preference otherwise. As the University and the program are trying to balance these needs and expectations, please notify your program instructor(s) in advance of a personal need to turn the video off during the program.

How can I prepare for remote learning?

6 ways to optimize remote learning

Learning in a remote setting has some different challenges from learning in person. Here are some tips to help you plan for your remote learning experience:

  • Time management is especially important when you are in a different setting than you’re used to. If your program has recorded (asynchronous) materials, you may put them off, thinking that you can always work on them later.
    • Setting a schedule for yourself can be very helpful, including not only your academic work, but times for other healthy activities like connecting with others and exercising.
  • If possible, it’s useful to create a dedicated space for “classwork.”
    • This space should include a chair, table or desk, and good lighting with as few distractions as possible.
  • When you are in a remote class, whether it is live (synchronous) or recorded (asynchronous), you may be particularly prone to distractions.
    • It is a good practice to turn off notifications.
    • Refrain from social media use during academic time periods.
  • Practice active learning.
    • Ask questions.
    • Discuss topics.
    • Put forward predictions and surmises.
    • Explain ideas to peers and to the instructor.
    • Take lots of notes, and notes on your notes.
  • Stay connected with others.
    • Form study groups, even if the coursework doesn’t call for them.
    • Share notes.
    • Compose shared goals for the working group.

Online Tools and Extensions to Maximize Remote Learning

Will the transcript indicate remote instruction?

The grade(s) you receive for the UCLA course(s) included in your program will be recorded on a formal UCLA transcript. UCLA transcripts do not indicate course delivery modes and grades appear the same regardless of whether the course is delivered in person or online.

Can I choose the Passed/Not Passed grading option?

Some courses offer the option to choose from either letter grading or P/NP. You can request a change of grading basis to P/NP by contacting our office at, only if your program includes such a course.

For courses that only have one grade type, you will not be able to change the grading option.

You can check the grading information on your program course(s) by visiting the FACULTY AND CURRICULUM page of your program website. Please see under GRADES.

Will I lose my spot in the program if I don’t pay right away?

In order to remain enrolled or to enroll, a full payment of the program balance is required starting May 2 (or earlier for some programs). If you are unsure about your summer plans, you can hold off finalizing your decision and making payments until May 1. Credit card transaction fees at 2.75% per transaction are assessed by a third-party service provider, and they are not refundable by us under any circumstances.

*Some programs may have earlier payment deadlines; please see the program’s Payment Deadline section for more details. 

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